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Expertise added to industry-leading software equals lightning-fast Email & File archiving for huge cost & time savings.
Simple, Secure & Scalable, find what you want anytime, anywhere.
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Tim McCarthy, BAM Construction, Global Director of IT Services

Why Choose Us for Email & File Archiving

Software is Only Half the Story

We bring leading experts to help support your email and file archiving journey. Everything we do begins and ends with you, our client. It’s our ability to listen and work with a customer to deliver a better Email and File Archiving service now and into the future.
Data Solutions

Wherever You Are on Your Cloud Journey We Can Help

Covid 19 has pushed many organizations to the Cloud quicker than planned. Now it’s time to review how it is working and what you are paying? Are you paying for unnecessary licenses and storage?
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The World Has Changed but Data Hasn’t 

Budgets are tighter, but you still need a solution to archive, monitor, manage, and look after email and file data from anywhere with less in your pocket. Waterford Technologies provides the same great user experience at home or in the office.

Data Requests, Retention Management & eDiscovery

Pro-Active monitoring of email for compliance and data protection
Execute your retention management policy
Speed up discovery and simplify the review process
Search, preserve and initiate legal holds on archived data
Waterford Technologies Advanced Search lets you customize your email and file archiving discovery to find precise information in vast amounts of data, in no time and with little effort.
Compliance Solutions

You’re in Good Company

Helping our clients succeed with email and file management and compliance
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Join the Thousands of Companies That Are Proactively Managing Their Email and File Risk Remotely with Archiving

50 million Email messages in less than 10 seconds!
8 Servers in less than 5 seconds!
Our software takes between just 4 – 5 hours to setup.
Support Every Step of the Way

Our Software is Only Half the Story

Let our ‘do whatever it takes’ team assist you at every step of your journey towards superior data management and compliance
Installation & Implementation
• Install in Minutes
• Setup Configuration
• Project Management
• Future Planning Collaboration
FOIA & eDiscovery Assistance
We have been doing this for over 20 years’, with specialists in eDiscovery, compliance, data management, and data lifecycle strategies. There is not a question we have not heard or helped with.
Health Checks
Our dedicated management team runs regular proactive health checks, end of year account reviews and real-time 24//7 monitoring.
Security is built into every touchpoint of our technology, processes, and partnerships. Secure and Perpetual. All email and files are encrypted in transit and when stored. Giving your business total protection against data loss.