10 Reasons to Avoid Using PST Files

Are PST files an issue for you?

Mark Mulcahy – Waterford Technologies

I just took a call from one of our larger clients who finally wants to tackle his PST problem.

We have all been there as IT Professionals and know the benefits ( we thought ) that got us a quick fix by allowing our users have PST files.

We have come full circle and one of the main issues I’m asked to discuss with potential clients and indeed with existing clients is to help them architecture a way out of their PST knot.

How to avoid using PST files


Here’s a great and simple summary from Techrepublic that clearly identifies 10 reasons to avoid using PST files.

It’s worth reading if you are tempted to give that end user a PST file so they stop pestering you.




If you want to see a better way to manage the growth of email data while retaining access to it easily and with very little support overheads why don’t you have a look at Waterford Technologies MailMeter to see how you can eliminate the need for PST Files in your organization.