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3 Key Decision Factors for Finding an Email Archiving Solution

How to Choose an Email Archiving Software? Email is by far the most utilized form of communication in use by businesses today.

How to Choose an Email Archiving Software?

Email is by far the most utilized form of communication in use by businesses today. The sheer volume of emails sent by employees to colleagues, customers and suppliers on a daily basis can create a real challenge for businesses in terms of storage, retention, compliance and retrieval.

Between FOIA requests, compliance requirements and standard expectations of providing emails as per your company’s email policy in the event that you were ever to face litigation, businesses cannot afford to neglect the requirement to effectively manage the huge amount of data created by email.

Fortunately, many of the challenges faced can be solved by adopting an email marketing solution. While there are a large number of solutions on the market and archiving needs will vary widely from company to company, there are some key points you should consider when choosing an archiving solution.

Ease of Use

An email archiving solution is supposed to simplify the way your business emails are stored and make them easier to access. If that solution is complicated or difficult to use, then it’s not that far of a stretch to suggest that it isn’t really doing its job.

One benefit of adopting an archiving platform is that it allows you to delegate archive access to business managers. This frees IT professionals from tedious and expensive search and retrieval requests and allows managers to easily gain insights from the valuable data contained in the email archives.

An effective solution should be easy enough to use by all your business’s employees and ideally should provide individual search and retrieval to end users to reduce the number of unnecessary requests to the IT team. Point to remember – the best archiving solutions are the ones that are easiest to use.

Search Capabilities

A good email archiving platform should allow you to easily manage, search and retrieve your email records. If your software doesn’t allow you to easily search you archive then you definitely need to reconsider the solution that you are using.

The search capabilities are an important yet basic function which many people take for granted. However, when it comes to compliance and eDiscovery, the ability to find and retrieve old emails becomes imperative. This is why powerful yet accessible search capabilities are so important.

While the many benefits of email archiving become apparent when it comes to audits and compliance requirements, powerful search features at the user level also help to make your employees more efficient as they can quickly and easily access important information from customers, suppliers and colleagues contained in historical emails.


Depending on your business’s size and unique requirements, email archiving may appear costly at first. However, deploying an email archiving solution should be thought of as an investment in your business which can lead to savings over the medium and long term.

For example, if you are involved in a single lawsuit you may find that it is more cost effective to hire the services of an external contractor to perform an email audit. However, if your company is involved in a number of lawsuits over time, an email archiving solution will almost certainly be more cost effective as you only make a single upfront payment.

Email archiving can also create efficiencies in other areas of your business such as reducing the amount of time IT professionals must spend dealing with search and retrieval requests. In addition to cost efficiencies, empowering employees to access the business intelligence contained in the email records can even help to grow revenue and make your business more competitive.

Bonus Point – Office 365 Integration

Microsoft Office 365 is quickly becoming one of the most popular email platforms with businesses across the world as more and more organizations continue to move to the cloud. Office 365 offers a number of benefits to businesses including the ability to access emails anywhere on any device and greater collaboration abilities.

So, if your business is already using Microsoft Office 365 or you are simply considering adopting the platform in the future, doesn’t it make sense to choose an archiving solution which is fully compatible? MailMeter from Waterford Technologies is the perfect partner for Microsoft Office 365 with the functionality needed for deployment and added security.

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