3 Things To Consider When Selecting An Email Archive Solution

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To make things a little easier for you when choosing an email archiving solution, why not take into account the 3 points below for some helpful advice on making the right decision.

Future Proof

Choosing the right email archiving solution for your organisation is a critical and important decision. You must ensure that the solution you choose is flexible enough to adapt to changes in your business and environment both now and in the future.

This should include the option to migrate to a hybrid or fully hosted solution in the future. Think carefully about the vendor you want to deal with; how specialised are they, who are their clients, what do their clients say about them and is it a call centre response or a dedicated contact?


Companies and organisations need and demand manageability from their email archive systems that run in line from what they require from other infrastructure applications. Security, reporting, business intelligence and retention policies which allow their IT staff to simplify the manageability of their email archiving systems.

This includes:

  • The ability to align their email archiving with corporate guidelines and policies
  • The ease of accessibility for all users to find and retrieve the information they require quickly
  • Reporting and management across different management teams

Total Cost of Ownership

An email archiving solution will give a quick return on investment from storage savings but a truly good email archive will also provide reporting, technical and administrative functions that will reduce costs in the long-term.

An email archiving solution can help to:

  • Reduce helpdesk times for message recovery
  • Complete eDiscovery searches in minutes as opposed to days or weeks
  • Remove and import PST files from your network
  • Reduce total storage costs
  • Reduce backup times and costs

For more help on choosing the right email archiving solution for your business, read our blog post on the three key decision factors you should consider. To learn more about MailMeter, our email archiving solution, click here now.