Five Reasons to Avoid PST Files

What are PST Files

Pssst, we need to talk about PSTs!

PSTs are old files which are both unreliable and potentially dangerous to have on your network.

Here are five key reasons to avoid PST files

  1. eDiscovery If there is a law case ongoing, legal requested email may not be available as users have the ability to delete and alter messages on PST files, avoiding policy and potentially costing the firm a lot of money.
  2. Backup PST files are rarely properly backed up. PSTs kept on hard drives and desktops will be missed out in scheduled backup activity. If you can’t see them, you won’t know they are there.
  3. Retention and Compliance with PSTs, it is difficult to control retention periods of emails. They are not easily searchable, users can manipulate the data and delete important emails; not good practice in an age of increased data compliance and forthcoming GDPR rules!
  4. Cost A lot of expensive storage is needed and backups take longer to run. If there is a lawsuit or data breach, the cost of not knowing about PST files could be a company closer.
  5. Risk By their very nature, PST files are liable to corruption, can contribute to data loss/breaches and a lack of visibility. That is before we even get to insider threats as users can alter and delete messages.

MailMeter Eliminates PST Problems

MailMeter Storage Manager combined with MailMeter ISR will move attachments from the email server to lower cost storage, taking advantage of single instance storage and making mailbox quotas become a thing of the past. This removes the need for users to store PST files locally. Storage Manager puts emails back into the mailbox where they belong.


  • Takes the pressure off your email server so storage is more efficient
  • Immediately saves costs in storage and also backup times
  • Improves the reliability and performance of your email server
  • Boosts the performance of Outlook (or Lotus Notes) and as a result the productivity of end users
  • Reduces the overall costs of management
  • Solves the problem of PSTs effectively by archiving all emails in one place

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