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6 Great things that happened to compliance in 2022

What better time than the final blog post of 2023 to summarize what we’ve done this year?  It’s no secret that the

What better time than the final blog post of 2023 to summarize what we’ve done this year?  It’s no secret that the tech industry has experienced difficulties, luckily as we operate in the compliance sector we haven’t been affected.  In fact, quite the opposite!! We have continued to grow. 2023 is poised for similar growth.

Launch of MailMeter 7.3

In June we released  MailMeter 7.3. This product delivers a simpler, faster, and easier-to-use user interface. The enhancements to data management and protection help cut compliance costs, facilitate deployment and migration of cloud-based workloads. It also simplifies data management for organizations. Ingestion has been enhanced to the point where MailMeter can process over 1 million emails per day. Best of all 7.3 is enhanced with the fastest search engine in the marketplace.

Acquisition of compliance software creator HOTH

In November, we announced the addition of the UK technology company House on the Hill. For the past 30 years, HOTH (House on the Hill) has produced and sold software for the management of IT (Information Technology) Service desks. In recent years they have expanded into different organizations for the provision of compliance, discovery, and other business workflows. Our other sister companies are SeattleLab, GoldFax and eGoldFax

Launch of DiscoveryControl compliance software

As part of our integrated compliance suite, ComplyKey, DiscoveryControl was created to automate, monitor, and manage the workflow for dealing with and responding to regulatory requirements. It’s a fully managed customizable, easy-to-use Freedom of Information Requests (FOI), Data Subject Access Requests (DSAR), Environmental Information Regulations (EIR) Risks, and Data Breaches management system. It’s time to forget those spreadsheets!

Global expansion

2022 has been a wonderful year for our compliance software products expansion. In addition to acquiring new clients in Ireland and the UK, our partners and sales team have successfully increased our client base in the Middle East, Africa, India, and the USA

99.9% Customer retention rate

We are thrilled that our clients are so happy with our products and service that 99.9% of you have renewed your annual contracts. Thank You.

Market domination

We continue to dominate the Irish Market and significantly increased our market share in UK and USA for the provision of email and file archiving services. Looks like everyone is becoming more interested in compliance and avoiding data breaches.