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7 Reasons Why Archiving Should Not Be Ignored

7 Reasons Why Archiving Should Not Be Ignored With the exploding growth of email both in volume and size of messages, IT

7 Reasons Why Archiving Should Not Be Ignored

With the exploding growth of email both in volume and size of messages, IT organizations are under pressure to deliver service to their users while maintaining a reasonable cost structure and providing access to the messages for legal purposes. However if an Archiving Solution is deployed spiralling storage costs can be controlled and compliance requirements can be adhered to. The seven points below highlight the importance of archiving within an organisation.

  1.  Reduce email server backup and recovery time with improved reliability –The enormous growth of email volume is destroying your ability to complete operations in a timely manner and jeopardizing your uptime availability
  2. Legal savings – every litigation action now includes a request for discovery of email messages. With the new Federal Rules of Civil Procedure must be able to act fast to prevent fines and adverse judgments. How do you respond? Many organizations still desperately try to search boxes of email server backup tapes to comply with a demand to produce emails – costly for IT and ineffective for your legal team.
  3. E-mail Policy Abuse – protecting your organization – everyday employees are misusing your email servers – sending inappropriate jokes / messages and vacation pictures, communicating with friends, stealing company intellectual property and sending it to personal accounts – and you have no awareness of what threats are occurring.
  4. Compliance – there are over 14,000 regulations that relate to email. Don’t worry about understanding them – just make sure you capture the email messages to be in compliance and show investigators and auditors your good governance procedures.
  5. Business Intelligence and Knowledge – in today’s fast paced world of mobile users and Blackberry messaging, email is the statement of record for: making decisions, confirming terms, changing shipping dates, agreeing to specification changes, accepting contract and scheduling revisions, and making deals. Your email server holds more valuable information than ever before. With employee turnover, layoffs, growth, and changes in responsibility email is the life blood and mission critical information.
  6. Productivity and Restorability – Users make mistakes and delete emails they need and usually it’s a VIP screaming for urgent action. Maybe it’s a corrupt PST or lost laptop… How much time does IT staff spend looking for lost emails? Hours and hours looking through backup tapes for the needle in the haystack?
  7. Fast ROI – Running out of space? Need to find an email? Do you have a Legal eDiscovery action?


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