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7 Tips you Can’t Live Without if you use Office 365

Make working with Office 365 much easier with MailMeter Cloud   by Mark Mulcahy If your organisation currently uses Office 365 to store

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Make working with Office 365 much easier with MailMeter Cloud


by Mark Mulcahy

If your organisation currently uses Office 365 to store email, you may think it’s the best thing since sliced bread. Before you commit solely to this platform (in other words, put all your eggs in one basket), we’ve put together some tips that you may not be aware of and also how MailMeter Cloud can help – you can thank us later…

  1. You may need to review how compliant you are for the latest regulations

There are hierarchies in all business and Office 365 has a number of tiered SaaS pricing options to cater for the various levels of users in an organisation. Whilst the C Suite or higher executive team will have all the “bells and whistles” of the top package in Office 365, the majority of workers performing the day to day tasks generate the bulk of emails and files which are of course subject to compliance and regulation.

So unless your organisation is covered entirely by the top licence, the vast majority of the output from staff is not completely covered by compliant processes. MailMeter Cloud is a fully hosted, unified eDiscovery, archiving and compliance solution for Microsoft Office 365, regardless of what plan you are on with Microsoft.

  1. You’re only paying to use a service so lost access can occur

If for any reason 0365 is cancelled, all of your data is deleted after just 90 days and the Office suite becomes read-only. MailMeter Cloud can ensure you have a robust system in place for any real time disaster recovery, meaning you can access emails outside of the Office 365 architecture.

  1. Integrity is key

Honesty in a business is essential so by employing the MailMeter Cloud software alongside Office 365, you’re able to ensure you have an archive of emails which cannot be interfered with.

  1. It’s important to take control of your email copies

MailMeter Cloud will allow you to secure an additional copy of all emails outside of O365. This ensures that you have full control over the management of those emails for eDiscovery and compliance purposes, while safe in the knowledge that the data is fully encrypted, and monitored 24/7 Reporting features work best alongside MailMeter Cloud.

As daily operations function through the Office 365 platform, it’s important to understand how effective your current email system is towards your business. MailMeter Cloud will enable you to analyse how your organisation uses email, which will then potentially highlight areas to improve.

  1. MailMeter’s eDiscovery Functionality will save you a bunch of time

Can’t quite find what you’re looking for with Office 365? MailMeter Cloud will give you the functionality to enable you to do a comprehensive search of your entire archived email library, even after it’s been deleted.

  1. Keep hold of content after an employee has departed

After an employee leaves your organisation, it can become an inconvenience when Office 365 deletes their mailbox. With MailMeter Cloud working alongside O365, you’re able to keep hold of this information and retrieve it for whenever it may be needed, freeing up your O365 license for someone else.

Office 365 isn’t a last resort!

For more information on how MailMeter Cloud can help improve the daily operations of your business, get in touch with one of our team today!