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Everything we do begins and ends with you, our client. it’s our ability to listen and work with a customer to deliver a better product now and into the future.

Simple, Yet Powerful Email and File Solutions

We at Waterford Technologies has spent over 20 years creating long-term relationships with our clients, supporting them along their data management journeys. We offer enterprise-level Data Compliance and Management solutions in Email and File Archiving and support our software with a personal, dedicated, and affordable approach.

Founded in 2000, our simple vision started with the idea that there is valuable business information stored in a company’s email system, not just in the email content, but in context of the ways email moves through a company.

Managed Service

Software is only half the story. We provide the toolset to completely manage email and file Data with the support of our team of Data Management Experts.
Our expert support includes:
• Installation and Implementation
• Setup configuration
• Project Management
• Future Planning Collaboration
• FOIA and eDiscovery Assistance
• Regular Proactive Health Checks
• End of Year Account Reviews
• Dedicated Account Management Team
• Real-Time 24×7 Monitoring
• Extended Support Hours

You’re not just availing of a solution, but also a service from a team of experienced data management and eDiscovery experts
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Simplicity in Design

Our motto is ‘keep it simple’; that ethos is in how we work with you, how our solutions are deployed, how you get support and how to use our products. And if you need us to do it for you, we will. – other systems are overly complex, are you sure you will be comfortable to use them when needed?
• Clear easy to use tools that provide all the information you need when you need it.
• Works with all MS365, Exchange licenses.
• Remove all legacy or ex-users and still have complete control over all their data.
• Full drill-down reporting provides analysis on size, owner, location, age, duplication, modified date etc.
• Search in milliseconds.
• Data access anywhere anytime.
• Insight in minutes.
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Return on Investment

You can make huge savings utilizing Waterford Technologies email and file solutions. We provide tailored proposals that are the most cost-effective in the market for comparable solutions.
• Increase ROI of data.
• Reduce data footprint, back up times & costs.
• Consolidate O365 User Licenses.
• Consolidation of servers.
• Remove legacy mailboxes.
• Many Mailmeter customers can reduce their production mail data server by 90%.
• Legal search cost savings and speed of discovery.
• Cost avoidance of penalties/fines.
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