Vision – sometimes it’s better to call it passion!

Our simple vision started with the idea that there is valuable business information stored in a company’s email system, not just in the email content, but in context of the ways email moves through a company. Information about who is talking to who, what are they talking about, what data is being moved into and out of a company – information that defines how and why a company and its employees use email. With the idea that email context has value, Waterford Technologies was founded in 2000 in Waterford, Ireland and our MailMeter Insight product launched .

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The Early Days

Over time, our interactions with customers lead us to believe that in addition to understanding the context of email (a key feature of our solutions to this day) joining archiving to our core reporting capability was a powerful combination.

We specialised in “on premise” work for companies, helping them understand their email and file data and make data decisions in confidence on their own network storage. File Archiver was launched to give clients a proper insight into the contents of their file servers and the ability to reduce back up times and reclaim up to 80% of their storage back.

Cloud Data Management

Since the Cloud is becoming the preferred destination for data storage, Waterford Technologies again lead the way by releasing SISCIN. This is a tool that allows users to see their data in a new unified dashboard view and make informed data decisions about what to send to the Cloud, what to delete and what should be kept on primary storage. The vital role of the SISCIN tool to help in Cloud migration has been highlighted by our customers time and again.


Our “Secret Sauce”

Today, Waterford Technologies is one of the world’s leading email archiving and file management companies servicing an extensive global client base from our offices in the USA, Ireland, the UK. We are proud of our reputation as a global leader in data management solutions and our ability to provide hands-on support to our customers. What makes Waterford Technologies unique is not only our adaptability, but our professional, hands-on approach to each customer’s needs. The key to our success lies not only in our products, but in our excellent customer service and technical support.

Our continued goal is to provide leading edge data management solutions that are simple to deploy, easy to use and give immediate help and vision to our clients. We look forward to sharing our journey with you.

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