Our Story

The History of Waterford Technologies

Like so many start ups, it all started with an invoice, a rather large invoice.  Thinking the cost of resolving a data format change was too high, our founders decided there must be a better way to deal with the situation, one that didn’t require writing such a large check to Microsoft.  With investment from local governments and a small group of investors, the seeds of Waterford Technologies were planted in 1999.  And while the original product idea went by the wayside, the formal launch of reporting and archiving began the next year.


2000 – Founded in Waterford, Ireland by Lorcan Kennedy, Brendan Nolan and Gerry Conheady with a small group of investors with the goal of providing deep insight into email utilization

2001 – First version of MailMeter ships as the first product providing business intelligence based on the email traffic in an enterprise

2002 – Based on customer feedback, archiving is added to MailMeter to allow customers to drill into email  content and attachments

2003 – Added the ability to stub attachments in Exchange, providing reduced primary email storage and faster server backup

2003 – Open first US office in Irvine, California

2003 – Acquired the assets of Seattle Labs and the SLmail and SLnet products

2004 – First delivery of the Investigate module, providing eDiscovery search, tag and export capability

2004 – Opened office in the United Kingdom

2006 – Delivered the Individual Search and Retrieval of Outlook add in modules, Mailmeter at over 1000 sites worldwide

2007 – File Archiving and reporting delivered to augment core email management products

2008 – Compliance Review module is added to allow compliance officers to proactively sample a percentage of email for compliance validation

2010 – Added our Retention Manager module allowing customers to purge data based on a defensible schedule

2010 – Opened office in Dubai, UAE and Nashville, TN, USA

2011 – MailMeter installed in over 2000 customers worldwide

2012 – Added support for Office 365 and other cloud hosted email services

2013 – Opened office in Liverpool, UK

2014 – Waterford Technologies announces €500,000 Product Development Programme.

With founders Lorcan and Brendan still on the job and leadership provided by our CEO John Brennan, we continue to innovate and deliver timely additions and enhancements to our enterprise email and file archiving and reporting products.