Could an Email Archiving Solution be the Answer?

Don’t worry, it’s in the archive!

Jessica Bakkers – Waterford Technologies

email archiving solution

IT departments and users have always had a turbulent relationship. Users appear to be untrainable and IT personnel seem to lack sensitivity and patience. One area where both parties commonly disagree is with email maintenance. From ITs perspective, their goal is to keep the email server functioning at maximum capacity which means keeping stored emails at a minimum. From the user’s perspective, their goal is to maintain all of their emails to save important data that may need to be access….at some point in time. Maybe.

Well let’s face it…

Over half of the emails in a user’s inbox will never be accessed again. If this is the case, why keep these emails and put a strain on the email server? The simple explanation is that the user’s fear the loss of their precious data.

Is it possible to live in a world where IT and users can live in harmony – maintaining a clutter-free server AND storing years and years of email data.

The answer is YES!

But how can this be possible? Through the implementation of a reliable email archiving solution, users can rest easy that any email that passes through their company’s server is automatically sent to the archive in REAL-TIME! They never again have to worry about accidentally deleting or misplacing an email. Through a web-portal, the user performs broad or detailed searches to recall their own emails. No IT assistance necessary.

Happy users. Happy IT.

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