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Archiving-More than Just an IT Solution!

Archiving technology delivers cost savings not just for IT departments, but for multiple departments in an organization. IT Department: Storage Savings Archiving

Archiving technology delivers cost savings not just for IT departments, but for multiple departments in an organization.

IT Department:

  • Storage Savings

Archiving captures email and saves it in lower cost storage than on your email server’s expensive storage. Reduced email storage means faster backups and less media. Disaster Recovery is faster and the archive is available even if the email server is down. Your email server can be recovered immediately with empty mailboxes and users can use the archive to search for historical data. As there is no need for PSTs, this also contributes to reducing backup costs and disk space.

  • IT Staff and Management Savings

Allow you to gain control of your total email storage costs and manage it for future growth at a lower cost per message. You can eliminate the need for IT staff to hunt down lost messages, and gain insight into department level usage of email and storage for management discussions.


Legal Department

  • IT activity Costs Reduced

Quickly find relevant emails across any period for any group of users based on any criteria. Then export results to PSTs.

  •  Business Savings

Quickly find “key” emails for contract terms, change orders, agreements, authorizations, etc.

  • Internal Legal Team Savings

Searching archives can be done without IT intervention. Dramatically reduce the amount of emails that need to be reviewed. Focus on specific and relevant items. Easily “tag” and organize items: Privileged, Confidential, Responsive, case number, workflow status, etc. Reduce the amount of messages given to outside counsel for review – saving huge amounts of legal fees. Export relevant email into PSTs.

  •  Outside Counsel Savings

There is a smaller amount of email to review, which lowers legal costs. It enables you to focus on critical emails for your legal position and action, and frees up more budget for legal analysis and processes.

  • Risk Management Savings

Archiving assists in the ability to meet regulatory requirements, data is saved in a tamper proof archive and is easily searchable for audit requests. Be in a position to discover dangerous activities before they damage the organization, and to show diligent activity to prevent claims of negligence.

  • Acceptable Usage Policies

Monitor emails against word lists – inappropriate content, dangerous words, harassment language, jokes, etc. You can quickly review items for immediate action or policy clarification.

  •  Compliance Officer Savings

With compliance regulations reviews of emails can be tracked by date and time. Random reviews of emails to meet IFSRA/FOI requirements. You can search emails for any criteria to meet audit requests and export to PSTs.


Business Managers

  • Management Savings

Provide a full insight into employee activity for customer interactions, business status on proposals, deal points, complaints, requests, and office gossip. Travelling managers can see all email communications for any person, customer, or prospect at any time: off hours, end of day, from hotel or airport. This leads to time savings in employee training and reviews. You can see email activity totals, examples of good and bad emails, customer /prospect responses.


End Users

  • Productivity Savings

Employees have full search access to every email they ever sent or received. No time wasting putting messages into folders. No need for “emergency” IT help in finding messages deleted from their mailbox. “Virtual” folders automatically show every email sent or received to a customer, prospect, supplier, or person. Mailboxes get smaller – read an email, then delete it if no action required. No lost conversations – every email can be saved.


HR Department

  • Monitoring Savings

Employee messages can be easily reviewed without having to read every email in their mailbox. Messages can be automatically reviewed for compliance to policies with reports of end user violations. Drill-in reports give insight into employee activity. Easy insight into any improper behaviour – harassment, language, jokes, ethnic slurs, discrimination, etc. Watch any external domain activity (i.e.,,, etc. or any competitor sites). Employees can receive personal reports of their email activities.

  • Investigation Savings

Search messages for a single employee or group of employees for any key word across any time period. Employees cannot hide their activities – email is captured before they can delete it. Payroll Savings Email activity can be used as evidence to ensure safe and efficient employee termination.

  • Legal Savings

Quickly search employee email to validate any claims of harassment or discrimination. Emails are validated to avoid any tampering and traceable to discover any spoofing.


Customer Services

  • Customer Satisfaction Savings

Measure responses to customer/prospect inquiries. Review emails for employee training – good and bad. Lost sales analysis – see trail of communication. Problem accounts – review handling of questions and complaints.

  • Productivity Analysis

Messages received and processed by group or person. Staffing Savings – show activity in numbers and graphs. Message loads by hour, day, week or month. The ability to review outbound email content for training.


If you would like additional information about archiving and how it can benefit your company, click here.