Are Backups Getting Your Back Up?


You could cut back up costs by 50% with Waterford Technologies

Mark Mulcahy – Waterford Technologies

As even their name suggests, backups can be a painful business. Expensive and time consuming, instigating a backup procedure is not simply a case of pressing a button and then putting your feet up. The creeping realisation that you will run out of space is one of the grim inevitabilities of office life. Storage devices are increasing their capacity and the data held on them is multiplying at an exponential rate. But how do you decide what files you can delete?

Backing up all those gigabytes or terabytes of data is no easy task. But thankfully, Waterford Technologies provides an affordable and easy-to-install File Archiver solution that works with all file server backup software to reduce long backup times.

It’s these back up times that can cause a business all kinds of problems, not least money. The most basic tape systems may leave you out of action for a week and the most complex virtualised replicated systems can be almost instantaneous, but come at a huge cost.

In today’s economy, you have daily pressures to reduce costs and deliver more value. File Archiver will reduce the long backup time on your file servers. You will be surprised at how much space and time you can save. Your file server backup software will run faster and of course you’ll save money.

IDC estimates that the overall volume of digital bits created, replicated and consumed across the United States will hit 6.6 zettabytes by 2020 – doubling in volume about every three years. Data that you will be paying to store, protect, and manage.

Do you really want to pay tens or hundreds of thousands of pounds to instantly recover and restore files that have not been read for 5 years? We don’t think most people do and we have a simple answer to this backup issue.

FileAnalyzer is a comprehensive solution for analyzing and reporting on your server storage and is capable of supporting any size organization. FileAnalyzer provides a framework to assist in determining the true value of data and enforcing the day-to-day management of that data according to that value judgment.

By developing a technology strategy synchronized with the data values, companies can control costs by allocating investment more according to protection of critical information and less towards lower value data. To see how our solution can help, download your free copy of FileAnalyzer Lite now.