Are you ready for the Office 365 Cloud Adoption wave?

Rising tide – by Paul Coyle, Waterford Technologies

On our ongoing and new client engagements and consultations, Waterford Technologies have observed the incremental growth of Office 365 across all verticals of business across the globe in all sizes of company. The wave is picking up momentum – cloud adoption in general has become ubiquitous and Office 365 in particular is swelling in popularity.

As initial fears about cloud security fade with more robust checks and balances in place, evolved next generation cloud security practices and confidence in storing data remotely grows, the tipping point for cloud migration grows ever closer.

“While some organisations still aren’t ready to embrace cloud computing, 80% of them indicate a propensity to increase investments in cloud computing in years to come, according to the Gartner global cloud adoption survey in 2014. Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and software as a service (SaaS) are the most widely used cloud services.” Source: Gartner

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Will your organisation surf or sink?

As email file sizes grow and, the scalability and relative cost-effectiveness of Cloud and especially Office 365 is swelling the tipping point of adoption to a tsunami wave. Soon it will be the norm to have cloud-hosted data and email for all sizes and types of industries.

On the flip side, compliance retention policies are becoming more stringent and diverse and can be hard to keep track of with limited IT and Data Management resources to ensure all the emails and files that are essential for business are retained in a properly compliant manner.

How can we help you ride the waves?

In Waterford, we welcome the waves – surfing is popular around here! We can add invaluable expertise to your email and data migration to Office 365 ensuring your compliance and audit readiness.

Working alongside Office 365™, MailMeter 365 will:
• PST Import – Import email from any pst/nsf files. – access legacy data without bringing it to the cloud at a high cost
• Journaling – Ensure data integrity by implementing journal rules that capture all email messages sent and received within and outside your organisation.
• Message & Attachment Text – Message details, body text and attachment text are indexed for quick searching.
• Limited Liability – In the event of data loss, the Office 365 terms of service currently limit Microsoft’s liability to $5,000 or your last 12 months’ subscription, assuming you can prove it was Microsoft’s fault. However if you were to lose all of your Office 365 data the liability is potentially unlimited.
• Audit Rights – There are no audit rights available to you in the Office 365 terms of service. If, as part of an audit, you are required to show the physical location of where your data is stored you could face a serious problem. To avoid this, always maintain a backup copy of your Office 365 data in a secure location.

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