Questions You Should Ask Your Microsoft Office 365 Service Provider?

We are all aware of the popularity of Microsoft Office 365 in the market, therefore it is not surprising that every day we talk to organisations who are either moving to MS Office 365 or who are already using the software.

Waterford Technologies, as an email, eDiscovery & compliance solution provider for nearly 20 years, work seamlessly with Microsoft Office 365 & we can see the huge value it delivers as an overall communications platform.

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How MailMeter can help in an email hack

The Incident:

Back in October 2018, One of our clients chased a customer for a late payment, only to be told that the payment had already been made. A quick search of our client’s books and bank records confirmed that the payment had not in fact been received. Engaging with their customer, our client learned that they had received an email from them with updated bank details. A common enough scam, unfortunately their customer acted upon it.

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MailMeter Cloud with Office 365™ – Cost Effective Partnership


Money from Data

Cost benefits of a MailMeter Cloud &  Office 365™ union

by Mark Mulcahy

On our ongoing and new client engagements and consultations, Waterford Technologies have observed the incremental growth of Office 365™ across all verticals of business across the globe in all sizes of company. The wave is picking up momentum – cloud adoption in general has become ubiquitous and Office 365™ in particular is swelling in popularity.

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7 Tips you Can’t Live Without if you use Office 365

Health checking your Exchange Server

Make working with Office 365 much easier with MailMeter Cloud


by Mark Mulcahy

If your organisation currently uses Office 365 to store email, you may think it’s the best thing since sliced bread. Before you commit solely to this platform (in other words, put all your eggs in one basket), we’ve put together some tips that you may not be aware of and also how MailMeter Cloud can help – you can thank us later…

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Office 365™ Loves MailMeter Cloud – here’s why

MailMeter Cloud

Did you know Microsoft Office 365™ and MailMeter Cloud go hand in hand?

by Mark Mulcahy – Waterford Technologies

If Microsoft Office 365™ is your organisation’s cloud storage solution of choice, MailMeter Cloud is the most suitable candidate for a 3rd party provider hosted eDiscovery and Compliance solution. Enhancing both the capabilities and security of your stored email data, MailMeter Cloud flawlessly compliments Office 365™’s current functions – here’s how…

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Visibility; The Key To Data Management

Data Management – A Growing Problem

Data on file servers grows very quickly unless you have a plan to manage and control it with the right tools.

Symptoms include increased backup times, Backups that just won’t run, Backup timeframes over 24 hours, Backup costs, server performance, server crash, restoration timeframes and management costs, to eventually a complete lack of storage space.

Simply put – it is impossible to manage the problem when you have no visibility and capability to manage it.
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Email Archiving and Compliance

Is Your Company Compliant?

The roll out of new corporate legislation is placing greater burdens on SMEs (small and mid-sized companies). Your company must comply with every new amendment, whether you are aware of the latest changes or not.

Consequences of non-compliance can sometimes include criminal liability for executives and board members. And some fines coming down the line are enough to close most companies immediately!
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Legal vs. IT on Retention Policies

What is the cause of conflict between IT and Legal when it comes to data retention policies?

Data must be kept on company servers by law. As a result it is in both departments interest to ensure that information is correctly retained and easy to find in the event of a lawsuit.

The top reasons for keeping data:

  • Legal – eDiscovery is part and parcel of most lawsuits now and emails are considered discoverable information.
  • Compliance – existing and forthcoming regulation requires information to be kept for longer.
  • Audit – when the auditors arrive, you need to quickly show them information.
  • Time – often IT and Legal staff have no time to see what data resides on the company server.

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