SISCIN Local Storage

Enable your business to leverage the powerful Cloud-based analysis of SISCIN, keeping data on your own network without any risk in the Cloud.

Take advantage of Cloud Power and Scalability without risking your data being exposed

While SISCIN has been created to enable Cloud Data Archiving, there are many organizations who are still unable to use Cloud due to strict regulations, internal policies or other mitigating factors. Many of our clients have expressed a desire to use our next generation Cloud analysis and archiving software and we are excited to give them this capability with the ability to archive within the confines of their own network.

SISCIN Savings

  • Premium File archiving with zero setup costs
  • Save up to 80% on your Data Storage costs with efficient and intelligent archiving
  • No installation = no tech resources time used
  • No system management allows tech staff to spend time doing useful duties
  • You can take advantage of existing tier 2 (cheap disk) storage internally
  • Recycle – SISCIN enables most storage devices to be capable of being used as an archive location

How You Benefit:

  • See next generation analysis of your data to enable accurate business intelligence
  • Run detailed reports and make Data Decisions Based on Fact
  • Harness the full power of SISCIN while all of your data remains safely on-premise
  • Utilise existing hardware
  • No need to take on management of SQL and Server
  • SISCIN starts in seconds and your data appears in minutes
  • Create powerful and flexible policies to make sure you remain compliant

SISCIN Reporting – Clarity for Data Managers!

Utilising the SISCIN dashboard and our analytical reporting tools, SISCIN provides Data Managers with both oversight and in-depth analysis of their server estate across multiple geographic regions.

SISCIN - dashboard demonstration
SISCIN starts in seconds and your data appears in minutes

If archiving to the Cloud is something you are considering, you should check out our SISCIN Cloud solution.

The Cost of Uncontrolled Storage

IDC forecasts that by 2025 the global datasphere will grow to 163ZB (that is a trillion gigabytes). That’s ten times the 16.1ZB of data generated in 2016. Data that you will be paying to store, protect, and manage.