Banish your Redundant Data like St. Patrick Banished Snakes out of Ireland…

 Mark Mulcahy – Waterford Technologies

How much do you really know about the redundant data that’s being stored in your company server?

Well, one thing you should know is that up to 80% of it could be redundant, meaning it’s adding no value to your business operations whatsoever.

Banish your Redundant Data for Good!

Fortunately, Waterford Technologies can help with this daunting task – our software product, FileAnalyzer Cloud is designed to review what’s already stored and assess what needs to go. Remember how good old St. Paddy banished those dreaded snakes from the green pastures of Ireland? Well we can do the same for you by getting rid of those unwanted files that will eventually cause problems for your business.

Get Familiar with Redundant Data

In simple terms, redundant data is duplicate and obsolete files that are being held onto and potentially racking up business costs. The extent of how much redundant data a business has is often unknown, but the impact can be disastrous and daily operations can become affected by your system’s performance.

If you don’t have the luck of the Irish, then FileAnalyzer Cloud is the next best thing. No matter the size of your organisation, our product is able to identify the growing number of data files on your system and determine the true value of the information that’s currently stored.

‘Your existing server is your server today, but FileAnalyzer Cloud is your storage cloud forever’ – start your savings today with our free 14 day trial!