Be A Space Saving Super Hero…

File Analysis

File Analysis couldn’t be easier with this trusty side kick

Mark Mulcahy – Waterford Technologies

2016 looks set to be the year of the super hero with no less than eight movies scheduled for release that have their roots in Marvel or DC comics.

The likes of Deadpool, Batman v Superman, X-Men: Apocalypse and Suicide Squad are all getting fans excited as they look forward to seeing their comic book heroes brought to life on the big screen.

Your chance to become a superhero

Closer to home, 2016 also gives you the opportunity to become a super hero if you decide to invest in Waterford Technologies’ FileAnalyzer Cloud – the new cloud computing solution for analysing and reporting on server storage.

FileAnalyzer Cloud provides a framework to assist in determining the true value of data and enforcing the day-to-day management of that data according to that value judgement.

By developing a technology strategy synchronized with the data values, companies can control costs by allocating investment more according to protection of critical information and less towards lower value data. Using a wide variety of tools, you will be able to see what types of files are consuming storage, which users are keeping files the longest and then you can perform “what if” analysis to explore older archiving files to the Amazon S3 and Glacier and Azure Cloud storage using FileArchiver Cloud.

With our solutions you can reduce your overall file server storage by up to 80% and we will improve server reliability and performance while also reducing back up costs.

Get that Cape

Imagine what a super hero you’ll be at your company if it’s your decision that frees up 80% of your server for a fraction of the cost of a new one or if it’s you whose choice of FileAnalyzer was responsible for cutting back up times and volume by between 20 and 50%?

Maybe it’s time to invest in that cape after all….

Try it now for free! No download or commitment required, just guaranteed savings.

File Analysis