Big Data – A Growing but Solvable Problem

Big Data Growing Problem

The Importance of Controlling Big Data

Mark Mulcahy – Waterford Technologies

The concept of ‘big data’ is becoming more and more vital to both business and society as organisations begin to grasp the importance of capturing, defining and using the unprecedented growth of information in the Information Age.

Why is this? In simple terms, the more data a company can hold, the more accurate the analysis of every aspect of their operations, from decision making to marketing to overall efficiency, can be. The growth in this volume has come from a number of factors, including the storage of transaction-based data, social media data and machine to machine data. The problem now is how to determine the relevance of this data and how to use analytics to create value from its retention.

Dealing with the variety of this data is another growing issue. Unstructured text documents, email, video, audio, and financial transactions all contribute to an increasing burden. Managing, merging and governing these different varieties of data is something many organisations must get to grips with. The ultimate aim for these companies should be to take this data from any source, sort out its relevance and then analyse it to find answers that can initiate cost reductions, time reductions, new product development and optimised offerings, and smarter business decision making overall.

New Software Release

SISCIN from Waterford Technologies is a seamless, transparent Cloud-based solution which enables businesses to make informed decisions about moving and managing your data in the Cloud. SISCIN helps to map, manage and move your data while keeping costs low and data secure.

SISCIN’s dashboard and analytical reporting displays all information in a clear and simple format allowing you to quickly understand all your data. To see how SISCIN can help your business, download your free 14 day trial and start analysing your data in minutes.