Budget Blues? Data Management Savings for GDPR.

Save Cost, Space… and Possibly Your Company

Today as the Irish Finance Minister delivers the budget for the next year, a lot of focus will be on working out what savings the changes will bring to different groups of people across the country.

While there are typically not too many big surprises in the budget, the same cannot be said about your Data. With GDPR just months away, some potentially company-closing data landmines might be lurking on your servers. Without proper Data oversight, management is impossible.

GDPR fines for having PII (Personal Identifiable Information) on your servers when it should not be there could potentially close the doors of your company and saying that you were unaware is no defence.

Data Budget

Undergoing a Data Strategy Review with our Data Management experts will uncover the location, type and content of the sensitive information on your email and file servers. You can then work with our team to come up with a Data Managment plan that works for your company and easily implement the policies needed to keep it on track.

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Waterford Technologies Savings:

  • GDPR Data Readiness – See your File and Email data in context, take action and become compliant with the relevant articles of GDPR for Data. Without exaggeration, this could save your company.
  • Storage Space Savings – Use our File and Email Archiving to save up to 80% space on redundant Data, recycle clogged servers and set policies to keep everything running smoothly.
  • Backup Size and Time Savings – we will cut your backup times and volume by between 20 and 50% by vastly reducing Data.
  • Time and Resource Savings – Reduce the amount of time spent managing Data and free up IT and Compliance staff to do more critical tasks.
  • TCO of Data will be vastly reduced by having less and cleaner Data under management.

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