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Would you buy compliance software without an after sales service?

We sell Email & File Archiving & Compliance Software but it’s our post sale service that makes us different! Fiona Mulvaney –

We sell Email & File Archiving & Compliance Software but it’s our post sale service that makes us different!

Fiona Mulvaney – Waterford Technologies

We have been talking to customers for over fifteen years about our email and file archiving compliance solutions and we have been listening to IT Managers describing the many challenges they face on a daily basis in managing their email & file data. Challenges such as PST file management issues, performance & reliability issues with email servers, long & costly back-ups, creaking email servers trying to cope with large size attachments, file servers bursting with data, not knowing what type of data is on those servers, feeling blindfolded when putting another request to buy more storage as the comment Finance make is “you only bought more storage six months ago”.Compliance


Time passes and the IT Manager then decides to do something about this situation as these issues need to be addressed. Much time is then spent researching email & file archiving solutions to address these problems & there are loads of solutions in the market to review!  Finally a decision is made & a solution is purchased, however six months pass by and the same problems are still being experienced but why???


A regular occurrence we see in organisations is competitor email & file archiving software purchased but not deployed or software purchased but not rolled out properly.

Only last week we were on site in a large NHS in the UK and we were speaking with them about the issues they have & how we have solved many of their issues with other Health Trusts such as Belfast NHS (put in link for case study).  Again they had a competitor solution in place & were continuing to pay a significant amount for technical support but as the solution was not deployed properly the NHS was getting no ROI, all of the problems in managing data still existed and the problems were getting bigger.

At Waterford Technologies we make sure this never happens.  The post sales service & support the customer gets is as important as the first presentation we make.

Many software vendors talk about “providing excellent customer service” but what exactly does this mean.

So let’s define Waterford Technologies “post sales service “

here is exactly what we do & to prove it ask our customers!

  • At the heart of our approach is collaboration between Waterford Technologies and the customer. Our role is to ensure the customer gets a full return from their investment.
  • The methodology we apply and our approach takes the form of a collaboration and phased rollout of application and functionality, this is controlled by the Customer with precise review breaks/sessions built into the project plan to assess progress to date. Sign off of each phase and scheduled review of next phased based on feedback is arranged prior to any further stages being started.
  • The strength of the Waterford Technologies approach is the years of experience we bring to each organisation with our project team.
  • We  work through each phase of the project, structure phase reviews onsite and work with the Customer to review, sign off and plan each phase as part of a collaboration while providing the bulk of the man hours needed to accomplish the project in a timely manner. Our methodology of building in working reviews to the project plan allows the client to dictate, pace, resource allocation, changed and sign off at their behest.
  • We devise a project plan with built in phases and action items allocated to various project members to demonstrate our approach to protect methodology and management. The client drives the project and we do the work.
  • After final sign off we continue to work closely with the customer to ensure ROI by providing monthly health checks which include progress against key goals.
  • We have a policy of meeting with our customers face to face to ensure our solutions are continuing to solve some of the many challenges our customers face in managing their email & file data.


Contact us today if you want to discuss any aspect of our approach.