Belfast HSC Trust

Before engaging with Waterford Technologies, I hadn’t seen any simple and fast products to deploy email compliance management on the market. We are now saving an extraordinary amount of time and money since the deployment of MailMeter. This tool is so powerful, its search feature can scan across 22,000 mailboxes in just a few seconds and no adept training is required which eliminates the additional cost and burden from the IT department.

Ken Leung, ICT Services Manager, IT & Telecommunications (Operations), Belfast Health & Social Care Trust


Public Sector Health


One of the largest Trusts in the UK, delivering integrated health & social care to 340,000 people


Requirement for email management, analysis, retention and reporting for GDPR compliance.


  • Easy to deploy solution to satisfy requests from data subjects for all departments
  • Easily search through Belfast Trust emails and attachments from a single repository
  • Reduce expensive storage costs and back up time
  • Prove GDPR compliance and avoid penalties for non-compliance
  • Customisable user roles, access levels and email retention policies

End-User Benefits

  • Tagging and classification, makes future searches very simple
  • It offers the flexibility of completing complicated searches in seconds
  • The search dashboard
    is familiar as it looks like Outlook which makes it very user-friendly
  • Searches can be exported to PDF, EML and PST format
  • In depth targeted search capabilities

Admin Benefits

  • Audit trail: Governance can now gain insight into email usage, company policy breaches and productivity within departments
  • Classification of emails is very simple to implement for legal hold
  • It significantly reduces the time spent on search and completing requests
  • Centralised management portal to access all features
  • It offers PDF redaction on email straightaway

Hardware, Software and Services:

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