Clarkson College

Majority of the competitors we looked at didn't have backing or support updates! ...Your product is so easy to use and install. I like easy.

Larry Vinson, Director of Technology and Computer Services




A private, accredited, non-profit college in Omaha, Nebraska.


Clarkson College had utilized magnetic tapes to backup their Exchange server, a process that took a long time.


Waterford Technologies MailMeter was implemented


  • Fast Search MailMeter enables you to do lightning-fast searches of all old emails. You can then tag, export out or put a legal hold on them.
  • Individual Search MailMeter ISR allows end-users to search their personal archive. This allows them to keep smaller mailboxes because they know they can always go back and find old emails

MailMeter Installation Details:

  • Mailboxes: 2,200
  • Email Server: MS Exchange
  • Emails in the archive: 5,000,000

Installed modules:

  • Archive
  • PST Import
  • Investigate
  • History Capture

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