Donegal County Council

MailMeter managed our growth in our Exchange and File
environment and also covers off our E-discovery requirements
in a quick and efficient manner

Seán Dunnion - IT Manager Donegal County Council

Donegal County Council reduces email footprint by over 50%!

Business Background

Donegal County Council is the authority responsible for local government in County Donegal, Ireland. As a county council, it is governed by the Local Government Act 2001. The council is responsible for housing and community, roads and transportation, urban planning and development, amenity and culture, and environment. It has 37 elected members.

The Situation

Donegal County Council were looking for a solution to manage the growth of their email platform as they migrated to newer versions of exchange. They also wanted a system that could manage the FOI requests that were increasingly being requested via IT. Traditionally email management was resolved using PST files which were corruptible, hard to manage and encouraged data sprawl. These files also made their way onto the File systems so a secondary requirement was the ability to track and monitor what was being added to the file servers and by who. The solution needed to take these issues into account while reducing the TCO of the data management within the council not increase it via the complexity of the solution.


Due to the size & growth of their data, both file and email solutions were required. Also the compliance module was a major factor. Waterford Technologies WT SUITE – email & file bundle was implemented

The Results

Donegal Country Council installed the MailMeter and File archiver suite called “WTbundle”. This provided them with the ability to reduce their email footprint by stubbing attachments directly from exchange resulting in a reduction of the email footprint by over 50%. PST files were then captured and imported into the MailMeter solution removing them completely from the organisation. FOI requests were serviced instantly via a clientless e-discovery browser. File data was analysed and reviewed so that internal IT people could become informed about the make-up of their data and take the appropriate actions to reduce and archive data away from expensive disk and into centrally managed slower disk for static / older data. This process in its entirety reduced the TCO of data management within the email and file systems, saving the organisation on valuable resources


– Deployed within two days
– Reclaimed 50% of email storage
– Captures all emails in the archive 5,000,000+
– Enables fast searches for FOI requests
– Meets governance obligations
– Provides file management capabilities
– Simple and easy to maintain

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