Life Assurance


Since their inception in 1988, they have provided major insurers with specialized LTCI (Long Term Care Insurance) programs featuring minimal risk and maximum administrative support.


Due to PST files getting out of hand, LifeCare was doing backups every night, a process that took 12 hours


Began the implementation process of MailMeter from Waterford Technologies


  • Fast Search MailMeter enables you to do lightning- fast searches of all old emails. You can then tag, export out or put a legal hold on them.
  • Individual Search MailMeter ISR allows end-users to search their personal archive. This allows them to keep smaller mailboxes because they know they can always go back and find old emails.

MailMeter Installation Details

Mailboxes: 400

Email Server: Microsoft Exchange

Emails in the archive: 13,712,564

Installed modules:

  • Archive
  • Insight
  • ISR
  • Storage Manager


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