Pembroke Pines

“Before Waterford Technologies it was an absolute nightmare to archive everything, as we were using PST files to adhere to federal retention regulations. There was no centralization of data and search was impossible, Waterford Technologies is a blessing in disguise for the City of Pembroke Pines.“

Joseph Hahn - Network Administrator


Public Sector


Acts as the legislative branch of the city’s government.


There was no centralization of data and because of that, any kind of search was impossible.


  • Simple to implement software to address data demands that can be used by all divisions.
  • Adherence to local government and other federal, state and industry email retention laws to reduce non-compliance costs.
  • Easy to search through Pembroke Pines email messages and attachments from a centralized server.
  • Save money on high data processing expenses and reduce their back up period.


  • Unconditional and Constant Support
  • Ease of Use – MailMeter Doesn’t Require Any Professional Training
  • Removes The Complexity of Search

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