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Mitchell Miller, Head IT Manager at Sydney Swans




Australian-Rules football club, which plays in the Australian Football League (AFL).


Due to the competitive nature of their business, they were worried about potential information leaks


Waterford Technologies MailMeter was implemented


  • Fast search MailMeter enables you to do lightening-fast searches of all old emails. You can then tag, export out or put a legal hold on them.
  • Individual search MailaMeter ISR allows end-users to search their personal archive. this allows them to keep smaller mailboxes  because they know they can always go back and find old emails.

MailMeter Installation Details

Mailboxes: 144
Email Server: MS Exchange
Emails in the archive: 5.4 mil
Installed modules:

  • Archive
  • Insight
  • ISR
  • Investigate
  • Storage Manager

End-users using both Macs and PCs.

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