Government organisation


The USGS is a science organization that provides impartial information on the health of the United States ecosystems and environment.


Their back-up times had grown to over 4 days and when they started on Friday night for a full back-up they were spilling into Tuesday! They had also seen an exponential spike with file volume in the last 2 years because of increased collaboration with other divisions.


Deployed FileArchiver from Waterford Technologies. They implemented a simple stubbing policy to stub files older than 2 years for the top 10 file types to lower tier storage.


  • Automatic seamless offloading of files to lower tier storage
  • Efficient way to manage data.

File Archiver Installation Details

Agent: one

File Reduction: From 3 TB to 1.2

Policy: stub top 10 types older than 2 years.


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