Case Study

David Flynn Ltd.

David Flynn Ltd. required a straightforward and less costly approach to conducting faster, more consistent searches in Office 365 to respond to eDiscovery requests in a legally defensible manner.

Company Background

David Flynn Ltd. (DFL) is a large regional contractor. The company’s ethos is to manage the customer’s construction risk and bring added value to each project.

We are no longer dependant on outside resources for eDiscovery investigations, we can now find the answers that we need pretty much immediately. MailMeter gives us one thing less to worry about, allowing us to focus our attention on the value we bring to our customers”
Steve Hennessey, Financial Controller,
David Flynn Ltd.


Before engaging with Waterford Technologies, emails were being managed on an ad-hoc basis, mailboxes were being added and removed as required. There had been no significant instances that required an investigation into their email data. However, following an investigative incident that required David Flynn Ltd. to trace the source and destination of some information that had been propagating through their system there soon became an urgent need for an email archiving solution with eDiscovery capabilities to complement their Office 365 email system.

Using Office 365 for email, this organisation required a more straight-forward and less costly process to store inactive mailboxes. They also needed to conduct faster, more consistent searches, respond to eDiscovery in a legally defensible manner, and more fully enforce data retention policies for regulatory compliance.

“When we attempted to do an email investigation using just the Microsoft provided tools it was a real struggle for us. We are experts in construction, not Microsoft platforms. We found that we needed to contact our normal MSP who was unable to help us in the required timeframe and even then, it was very difficult to retrieve the information we required. It was clear that we needed to look elsewhere for a solution that would allow us to address our investigative needs in a comprehensive and timely manner.”
Steve Hennessey, Financial Controller,
David Flynn Ltd.


Following a recommendation from a colleague, David Flynn Ltd contacted Waterford Technologies and after a demo of MailMeter, David Flynn Ltd. were convinced it was the right solution for them.

Efficient and Fast eDiscovery

David Flynn Ltd.’s primary reason for purchasing Waterford Technologies MailMeter Solution was initially to deal with an increased amount of eDiscovery requests.

MailMeter gives users faster access to their email data. Searches can now be performed quickly and easily and if they need help, they can avail of the fully managed service from Waterford Technologies Support Team.

MailMeter ensures David Flynn Ltd. have a secure tamper-proof copy of every single email that comes in and out of their organisation, even historical email and emails that have been deleted. MailMeter provides David Flynn Ltd. with a secure and protected repository separate from their email platform for full eDiscovery, monitoring, visibility, minimisation, and retention setting.

“MailMeter gives us confidence in our eDiscovery response. We can now respond quickly, accurately, and in a legally defensible manner”
Steve Hennessey, Financial Controller,
David Flynn Ltd.

Scoped Searches

A key feature within MailMeter called “Scoped Search” is of particular importance to David Flynn Ltd. as it enables them to grant controlled or “scoped” access to the MailMeter Archive for eDiscovery, DSAR or other types of searches.

The individual granted access to a scoped search has their search access limited to extremely specific types of email in the archive and can have their ability to perform limited types of actions. This feature is ideal when you need to provide access to your MailMeter archive but cannot grant access to all email.

IT Staff freed up and low TCO

As more users become familiar with MailMeter they can help themselves a lot more than they previously could, they can now search their own archive for any email they have ever sent or received, regardless of whether they have deleted it from their mailbox or not.

Using MailMeter removes David Flynn Ltd.’s dependence on outside resources to help them locate and action what is essentially their data. These resources are not without cost and are not always available on the companies’ schedule.
“The growth of user interaction within the system has been quite organic, controlled and happened without any formal user training. This has freed up limited IT resources and allowed us to concentrate on our core business and competencies.”
Steve Hennessey, Financial Controller,
David Flynn Ltd.

Rapid Installation and Usability

David Flynn Ltd. deployed the MailMeter Cloud fully hosted solution, so once access permissions were given the Waterford Technolgies team looked after the rest. MailMeter’s key features are so easy to use that it saves David Flynn Ltd. time, money and resources, particularly around user training.

“We were up and running the same day. The Waterford Technologies team has been very professional, didn’t bombard us with things we needed to do and made the whole process painless for us. The new user interface is extremely easy, it requires no end-user training, my users are getting set up and using it without any information other than a login.”


“Once MailMeter was installed and our data ingested, finding what we needed became simple and intuitive.”

“We consider Waterford Technologies to be a partner. Like a good neighbour, they are there when we need them, but they don’t come bothering us when we don’t. The software just does what it’s supposed to, and it is one less thing for me to worry about. That’s the value a proper supplier should bring to our business”
Steve Hennessey, Financial Controller,
David Flynn Ltd.