Case Study


Installation and configuration with MailMeter only took a few hours … it was one of the most peaceful projects we have had, Backups went from 12 hours down to 1- absolutely beautiful”

Waterford Technologies slashes back-up time from 12 hours to just 1!


In 2008, LifeCare realized that its end users were saving PST files to local computers and network drives due to their 500MB message limit for their email in box. Due to these PST files getting out of hand, LifeCare was doing backups every night, a process that took 12 hours. They quickly became aware that they needed to implement an archive system in order to centralize the emails, making it easy to search and retrieve emails that were wanted or needed without having to purge any existing data.


After reading an article on about Waterford Technologies’ MailMeter Archiving Solution, LifeCare began the implementation process of MailMeter as well as the painstaking task of importing their PST files. All of their emails were indexed into an easily searchable archive and journaling was set up to capture every future email that went through their organization, in real-time. End-users were informed that they could now delete all their emails – they would always be able to recall copies of old emails from the archive.


By installing MailMeter, LifeCare was able to eliminate majority of end users PST files and centralize the emails. They were able to retain all data with MailMeter and really appreciated the product because nothing changed with their exchange server.


Fast Search

MailMeter enables you to do lightning- fast searches of all old emails. You can then tag, export out or put a legal hold on them.

Individual Search

MyMailMeter allows end-users to search their personal archive. This allows them to keep smaller mailboxes because they know they can always go back and find old emails.

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