Case Study

Reducing Storage Costs by 37%

Our clients have overcome a very complex challenge, they wanted to start their journey to the cloud and to begin they were looking to reduce their primary storage footprint and get full visibility of their file data for minimisation and eDiscovery.

Waterford Technologies provides scalable, secure cloud file archiving for leading food manufacturers.

Our client is an established player in the food and beverage sector operating out of multiple locations across Ireland and the United Kingdom. They approached Waterford Technologies after being referred by a colleague. Before installation, our client was working off 4 servers with 30 TB of data.

“Waterford Technologies helped us identify the problems we knew we had in our file servers, cleaned up our data and greatly reduced our storage costs by 37%” (this includes the costs of SISCIN and the Cloud Storage)


“Our primary concern was the cost associated with our tier-one storage, both financial and human. We were struggling with the increased build-up of data in our environment and finding it increasingly difficult to distinguish between what was old redundant data and what was critical file information.”


Our client was utilising Microsoft as their email platform so hosting SISCIN within Azure was a simple move. A simple drop-in 7kb agent onto our clients file servers removed the need for additional hardware and means that SISCIN is configured to run from anywhere in the world.

SISCIN works alongside Azure (public and private cloud) and allows our clients to do in-depth analysis of your file data. This enables our clients to make fact-based decisions such as deleting obsolete data that no longer has any business value and setting policies to intelligently archive colder critical data via Azure thereby reducing our client’s overall data footprint.

Any file that has been archived is replaced with a 1kb stub link in the same location, so there is no impact on end-users but it allows you to remove ROT (redundant, obsolete and trivial data), archive older data that no one interacts with and keep your live or recent data exactly where it is.

This means a reduction of approx. 20% of current footprint via deduplication and clean-up and removing an industry-standard of another 40% of older data for an overall reduction of 60%, which has a huge impact on management time, server resources, and of course backups.

Storing Savings

Waterford Technologies provided our client with a fully hosted file solution that reduced management time and the demand on primary disk by moving older files to an alternative secure encrypted location, reducing back up time frames and costs.

Inline deduplication and compression reduced our clients’ storage capacity by over 60% of the original size. Deduplication, data clean-up, retention, archiving and compression reduces on-premise storage by up to 70%
“We reduced our storage pricing without limiting access and agility by our end users.
Waterford Technologies provided us with improved storage and access to large
file data sets across our office locations, scalable operations to meet our growing
demands, and functional ease that is both convenient and secure.”

Piece of Mind

Utilising SISCIN our client was able to reduce its storage and backup costs in concurrence with starting their journey to the Cloud.

Waterford Technologies provided deduplication, clean up, and lifecycle management with our Vue-X content indexing delivering eDiscovery and compliance search of their unstructured file data.

Reporting Dashboard

The SISCIN dashboard is web-based providing remote configuration, access, and policy setting. SISCIN Analysis provides full reporting of your file server data so our clients can understand their data.

SISCIN allows you to get full visibility of your on-premise file servers via reports on size, owner, location, age, modified, oldest, newest, duplication, and many other reports. All the reports are automatic so you can set them continuously run and report and then create automatic policies for retention, clean-up, and archiving directly to low-cost cloud storage.

Content Search and eDiscovery

SISCIN with Vue-X provides advanced content indexing, search capabilities to analyse, identify, locate, retrieve, export, and delete data for DSAR or e-Discovery management. Every user can fully customise search with options to search against “Watchpoints” or “Agents”. Save previously used search templates and pre-select them for use as needed. Use saved filters for search criteria, saving time and repetition.

Managed Service

Support every step of the way- Waterford Technologies’ number one priority is helping clients reduce their data management cost and minimise compliance risk, we do whatever it takes. We want to ensure that you are getting the full value from your investment.

“The support is excellent, right from the first contact we got the VIP treatment. We receive health checks every month, which is reassuring and means we can focus on our day to day activities. It gives me peace of mind that the support team are always at the end of the phone to answer my queries”
“Getting started with SISCIN was straightforward and it required limited resources
from our team. The managed service that Waterford Technologies provides, not only
in support and implementation but also in training and sharing best practices ensures
that we get a full return on our investment.“

Key Benefits of Working with Waterford Technologies

“The effects of deploying SISCIN was immediate, drastically reducing our storage space and providing full visibility into our mountains of file data. Day-to-day management of the system is simple and less time-consuming than manual processes. And in terms of regulatory compliance, we’re feeling much more confident. Basically, we’ve upgraded from a lot of hard work and growing costs to software that’s very easy and keeps costs low.”

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