Case Study

William Fry

One of the largest and most firmly established law firms in Ireland. With more than 270 high caliber lawyers and tax professionals and 110 support staff. Situation: Requirement for Email Archiving for 600 mailboxes.



Email Data Compliance and Management

“ComplyKEY was the only solution we looked at as it not only covers our email and file archiving requirements but also takes just a couple days to deploy. ComplyKEY by far has exceeded our expectations.”

Michael Devitt,
IT Director, William Fry Solicitor


William Fry Solicitors was established in 1847 and today it is one of the largest and firmly established law firms in Ireland. Clients include many of the leading global and domestic companies operating in Ireland, Irish government bodies, financial institutions, and entrepreneurs.

Due to the nature of the business, email retention management was of the utmost importance, and the manual process in place was both lengthy and cumbersome. The ability to capture and retain all emails in a compliant archive with fast search and retrieval and obeying legislation such as GDPR was a key requirement, but increasing storage costs were also a concern as the organisation was constantly growing.


A solution that can reduce storage costs and back-up time.
A solution to assist with GDPR compliance for email and file.
Extensive e-Discovery capabilities.
Easy to deploy and user-friendly solution.
With the best of both MailMeter and SISCIN, you get full visibility, control, analysis, and automation of your email and file data. Reducing costs and protecting your company.


After an in-depth evaluation and discussion, on 5th May 2005, William Fry first decided to deploy MailMeter as a tool to archive emails, and then more recently they upgraded to ComplyKEY which gave them the additional functionality to assist with GDPR compliance for their email and file data. This functionality includes the ability to quickly and easily meet DSAR requests for email and file data, as well as intelligent data management through classification and automated retention policies.

“Outstanding client service is undoubtedly the core value of Waterford Technologies.”

“As a legal firm, we wanted a quick to deploy software and ComplyKEY has by far exceeded our expectations by taking just 2 days to be up and running.”
Michael Devitt, IT Director
William Fry Solicitors


Efficient and Fast

As a legal firm, William Fry is obliged to work efficiently and effectively, adhering to all the governance policies. The firm is now able to respond to DSAR’s promptly without any delay.

The email archive option captures and indexes all incoming, outgoing and internal company mail in real-time, to provide a complete and secure email archive for search and retrieval, compliance, mailbox management, and storage optimisation. William Fry estimates that they are now saving 50% of their storage costs

IT Staff Freed Up and Low TCO

Michael mentioned that “since the deployment of ComplyKEY, the IT department has been freed up from the extra burden of compliance regulations and data management.”

“Not only is the total cost of ownership (TCO) low but also its maintenance. ComplyKEY’s user-interface is simple and clean also it doesn’t require any special training to use it.”

Complies With Regulatory Guidelines

ComplyKEY helps William Fry to intelligently manage email and file archiving. With its compliance capabilities, it also helps to analyse email and file usage patterns quickly to retrieve content on-demand and to take appropriate action to improve and enforce GDPR and other data regulation policies.

“ComplyKEY plays a major role in simplifying email and file compliance for William Fry.”, says Michael Devitt, IT Director of William Fry Solicitors.

Unbeatable Customer Service

Michael Devitt, IT Director at William Fry says, “Outstanding client service is undoubtedly the core value of Waterford Technologies, they are always at the end of the phone if we need any assistance.”

Centralised Management

ComplyKEY Captures all the emails in real-time and has centralised data control for email and file management which makes it easy to perform e-Discovery. This lowers the end-user effort by making it efficient.


“Working with Waterford Technologies, we have achieved a better way to control email & file archiving and compliance. We have removed the day-to-day burden and risk from our end users and can now provide data compliance from a centralised platform, Devitt explains. “The ComplyKEY Suite is a really valuable solution for our teams, and it has been really fast and efficient. As soon as we began using it, we started to see the benefits.”
Michael Devitt, IT Director
William Fry Solicitors