Waterford Technologies Launches SISCIN Vue-X

File management and compliance platform

Bringing data compliance & archiving to your companies file servers in the cloud.

Data compliance and management has become a key requirement for businesses in today’s economy. In the digital age, companies are responsible for increasing amounts of data, both of their customers as well as their own employees. Meeting regulatory requirements and new legislation is a challenge. Unstructured data like file presents a range of hurdles when trying to prevent violations or when responding to discovery requests. 

With all the compliance regulations, such as Freedom of information act (FOIA), California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and General Data Protection (GDPR) as well as the mass increase in e-Discovery requests, Waterford Technologies as a direct result has introduced a powerful smart File compliance solution, reimagined to make it easier for you to effortlessly manage your unstructured data- no matter the size of your company.

Data compliance starts with visibility -Waterford Technologies has launched SISCIN Vue-X to give our clients the visibility they need for effective monitoring, eDiscovery, auditing and reporting across a variety of data regulation standards.

SISCIN Vue-X is a Cloud-Based File Compliance & Archiving Solution.

SISCIN Vue-X is a cloud SAAS file analysis and archiving solution hosted in Azure, it provides content indexing to assist with e-Discovery, FOIA and GDPR requests. Searchable content for file data at its core, it allows an unprecedented analysis of data to meet compliance standards. Clear reporting dashboards give a complete overview of files, enabling immediate action to happen. 

  • Archiving solutions are needed when critical information needs to be protected and still be accessible regardless of its age. SISCIN provides a broad set of analytic tools which enable an organization to delve deeply into the types of data being stored on servers, determine when it was last accessed and its age.  Using this detailed information decisions can be made whether to remove obsolete file data and /or move critical file data to a safe location in the cloud.
  • Using SISCIN Vue-X an organization is now able to search file content across all servers from a single application to location-specific content for business analysis and quickly respond to e-Discovery, FOIA, and GDPR DSAR requests.

Key Benefits of SISCIN Vue-X

  • Compliance – search file content across all servers from a single application.
  • Intelligent Management- empowering data managers to understand, identify and clean their data. Remove obsolete data and clean their data in preparation for data regulation or for good practice. SISCIN with Vue-X uses windows native iFilter capability to scan documents and files for any text that they contain. This text is then used by the Vue-X engine to create a comprehensive searchable index of your document \ file store. 
  • Reduction of back up costs – tools to control and manage unstructured file data from one central dashboard.
  • Security – SISCIN compresses and encrypts data on your servers before transfer. Selected files can be split and stored in different Cloud or local tiered storage locations and with different cloud providers for additional security. 
  • Reporting – Clear and concise reporting dashboards give a complete overview of files, enabling immediate action to be taken.

Compliance is a challenging part of doing business today and proving unstructured data compliance isn’t an easy task, our solutions allow the business to stay ahead of data regulatory shifts with compliance solutions that are easy to manage and implement. If you would like a quick demo of our SISCIN Vue-X file compliance and management platform, contact us today. 


Questions You Should Ask Your Microsoft Office 365 Service Provider?

We are all aware of the popularity of Microsoft Office 365 in the market, therefore it is not surprising that every day we talk to organisations who are either moving to MS Office 365 or who are already using the software.

Waterford Technologies, as an email, eDiscovery & compliance solution provider for nearly 20 years, work seamlessly with Microsoft Office 365 & we can see the huge value it delivers as an overall communications platform.

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How MailMeter can help in an email hack

The Incident:

Back in October 2018, One of our clients chased a customer for a late payment, only to be told that the payment had already been made. A quick search of our client’s books and bank records confirmed that the payment had not in fact been received. Engaging with their customer, our client learned that they had received an email from them with updated bank details. A common enough scam, unfortunately their customer acted upon it.

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MailMeter Cloud with Office 365™ – Cost Effective Partnership


Money from Data

Cost benefits of a MailMeter Cloud &  Office 365™ union

by Mark Mulcahy

On our ongoing and new client engagements and consultations, Waterford Technologies have observed the incremental growth of Office 365™ across all verticals of business across the globe in all sizes of company. The wave is picking up momentum – cloud adoption in general has become ubiquitous and Office 365™ in particular is swelling in popularity.

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7 Tips you Can’t Live Without if you use Office 365

Health checking your Exchange Server

Make working with Office 365 much easier with MailMeter Cloud


by Mark Mulcahy

If your organisation currently uses Office 365 to store email, you may think it’s the best thing since sliced bread. Before you commit solely to this platform (in other words, put all your eggs in one basket), we’ve put together some tips that you may not be aware of and also how MailMeter Cloud can help – you can thank us later…

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Office 365™ Loves MailMeter Cloud – here’s why

MailMeter Cloud

Did you know Microsoft Office 365™ and MailMeter Cloud go hand in hand?

by Mark Mulcahy – Waterford Technologies

If Microsoft Office 365™ is your organisation’s cloud storage solution of choice, MailMeter Cloud is the most suitable candidate for a 3rd party provider hosted eDiscovery and Compliance solution. Enhancing both the capabilities and security of your stored email data, MailMeter Cloud flawlessly compliments Office 365™’s current functions – here’s how…

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SISCIN – Your Key to Cloud Migration

Cloud Migration Key

Over the past few weeks, we have taken a look at the Top 5 Cloud Fears which have killed off or put Cloud migration projects on ice and the subsequent Cloud Fears Addressed which have opened conversations with clients who find themselves at a crossroads on key migration decisions. This week, we take a deeper look at our File analysis and archiving solution, SISCIN, which provides the skeleton key to migrating your Unstructured File Data to the Cloud.

Our customers use SISCIN to take the fear out of migrating Data to the Cloud, so they can take advantage of Azure or AWS Cloud Platforms.

SISCIN Key Dashboard
SISCIN Dashboard

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So…Who is Afraid of Cloud Migration?

Cloud Migration Fears

Despite the widespread adoption of Cloud computing and the wholesale migration of organisations’ Data to the Cloud, there are still a number of fears that slow down the march of Cloud adoption somewhat and can restrict the options for Data Managers.

Depending on which analyst firm you ask or which Tech blog you read, the opinions are divided sharply on whether Cloud will completely conquer or the balance will steady out over time in terms of those who remain committed to on-Premise. Either way, there are a number of concerns that are hindering the ease of Cloud migration projects at the moment and we run the rule over their validity. In Part 1 of our Cloud Migration series, we take a look at the Top 5 challenges.

cloud migration balancing act
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