7 Tips you Can’t Live Without if you use Office 365

Health checking your Exchange Server

Make working with Office 365 much easier with MailMeter Cloud


by Mark Mulcahy

If your organisation currently uses Office 365 to store email, you may think it’s the best thing since sliced bread. Before you commit solely to this platform (in other words, put all your eggs in one basket), we’ve put together some tips that you may not be aware of and also how MailMeter Cloud can help – you can thank us later…

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Office 365™ Loves MailMeter Cloud – here’s why

MailMeter Cloud

Did you know Microsoft Office 365™ and MailMeter Cloud go hand in hand?

by Mark Mulcahy – Waterford Technologies

If Microsoft Office 365™ is your organisation’s cloud storage solution of choice, MailMeter Cloud is the most suitable candidate for a 3rd party provider hosted eDiscovery and Compliance solution. Enhancing both the capabilities and security of your stored email data, MailMeter Cloud flawlessly compliments Office 365™’s current functions – here’s how…

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SISCIN – Your Key to Cloud Migration

Cloud Migration Key

Over the past few weeks, we have taken a look at the Top 5 Cloud Fears which have killed off or put Cloud migration projects on ice and the subsequent Cloud Fears Addressed which have opened conversations with clients who find themselves at a crossroads on key migration decisions. This week, we take a deeper look at our File analysis and archiving solution, SISCIN, which provides the skeleton key to migrating your Unstructured File Data to the Cloud.

Our customers use SISCIN to take the fear out of migrating Data to the Cloud, so they can take advantage of Azure or AWS Cloud Platforms.

SISCIN Key Dashboard
SISCIN Dashboard

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So…Who is Afraid of Cloud Migration?

Cloud Migration Fears

Despite the widespread adoption of Cloud computing and the wholesale migration of organisations’ Data to the Cloud, there are still a number of fears that slow down the march of Cloud adoption somewhat and can restrict the options for Data Managers.

Depending on which analyst firm you ask or which Tech blog you read, the opinions are divided sharply on whether Cloud will completely conquer or the balance will steady out over time in terms of those who remain committed to on-Premise. Either way, there are a number of concerns that are hindering the ease of Cloud migration projects at the moment and we run the rule over their validity. In Part 1 of our Cloud Migration series, we take a look at the Top 5 challenges.

cloud migration balancing act
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GDPR Guide for Data Projects

GDPR Step-by-Step Guide

With the GDPR right on the horizon, many of the conversations we are having are based around the management of Data to achieve compliance. Organisations are running out of time to get to grips with their Data – the part they know about at least. The biggest problem that customers have encountered during these projects is that there is a lot of Data that is not easily found or managed, residing outside of CRM or similar systems. This is called Unstructured Data and it has proven to be close to impossible to manage without the right guide and tools.


To assist your Data project, we have produced a simple, easy-to-follow guide for Unstructured Data under GDPR.
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GDPR – What Happens in June?

GDPR in June?

Scrolling down through LinkedIn’s newsfeed this morning, a picture of a crying consultant with a tagline of “What happens to all the GDPR Consultants in June?” jumped off the page. The implication being made is that there are a lot of consultants who are solely focused on GDPR and without it as a call to arms, they will be empty-handed in June. Furthermore, where will you be left as a client of one of these consultancies? The GDPR world ends for everybody on May 25th, no?

Data Manager sitting on June timebomb
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Dark Data – Insight for ROI

What is Dark Data?

Gartner defines Dark Data as “the information assets organisations collect, process and store during regular business activities, but generally fail to use for other purposes”. Normally, it accumulates out of sight – hence the “Dark” moniker – and will not be useful to the bottom line as long as it resides there. Because of where it lives and the nature of its origin, most organisations are completely unaware of its existence. So how can you possibly have a chance of monetizing or deriving value from Dark Data?

Digging up Valuable Data
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Just How Big is Big Data?

Size Matters

When we discuss “Big Data” these days, it can be difficult to translate an exact understanding of what size the quantity of Data represents to stakeholders outside of the IT or Data Management circle. The Terabyte (TB) and Petabyte(PB) have now become the common currency of Data Managers’ lives, where just a few years ago, Gigabytes (GB) were as large as it got. Everything in the Data Management world is scaling massively, exponentially, and most of all – relentlessly. As long as daily business is carried on online, Data will continue to soar in volume and size.

Big Data - Hosting services.
Server room in datacenter. Hosting services.

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