MailMeter 7.1 What is New?

Enhancing Mail Data Compliance with Real-Time Message Filtering & Categorization, Scoped Searches, and Delegated Access

Waterford Technologies are excited to share some of our latest MailMeter 7.1 features, also available as part of our ComplyKey Suite.

Real-Time Message Filtering & Categorization

This new powerful feature now allows you to define and set early detection pre-archiving rules that can discard, tag or label messages based on message participants, message type, or keyword content in the message to control archive content, identify compliance violations and assist message analysis.

Using Message Filter Rules, you could discard messages based on the sender to keep the unnecessary message from taking up resources.  Another Rule can be defined that would evaluate the contents of a message to determine if it contains offensive or a regulatory violation and then categorize it using a label as being a policy violation.  Rules can also be created to determine if a message contains personal and private information based on a Word List of GDPR/PII sensitive words or in breach of PCI compliance by containing Credit card information and then apply a Block tag to prevent the message from being read until it has been reviewed by a compliance team member who could then delete the message or remove the Block tag.  Message Filtering provides the tools to control what goes into your archive and how to handle potential compliance violations or business damaging content.

Scoped Searches

MailMeter enables Authorized users to set up restricted access to the MailMeter Archive for eDiscovery or Compliance searching. Using Scoped Searches, Archive access can be limited to any search criteria, which specific types of Tags can be used, and which type of functionality can be accessed.

  • Archive access controlled by search filters that can limit access to specific email addresses, subjects, message keywords, dates and/or attachments and their contents.
  • Access is granted to a specific user
  • Access can be controlled by time
  • Functionality can be limited by Tags, Blocked Messages, BCC, and the ability to Export messages.

Delegated Access

The MailMeter Delegated Access feature enables one user to access and search another user’s email stored in the Archive. This feature can be used to allow a Manager to access their current and former team members’ email.  You will no longer have to retain former users Mailboxes to enable other users to access that users’ messages. All activity performed by the delegated user is recorded in the Audit trail. The ability to grant delegated access is limited to Administrators only.

How our new features support existing customers:

Problem: Emails coming into my organisation potentially contains FOIA/GDPR sensitive information or information that may create a regulatory violation and I have no method to categorise this

Solution: Emails are automatically categorised based on your organisation’s requirements in real-time into the archive

Problem: I need visibility and a proactive way to monitor credit card information in email communications as part of our PCI compliance requirements

Solution: Message Filtering can scan in real-time for any variation of 16-digit credit card numbers in emails using REGEX to flag any potential breach of PCI compliance and take appropriate action.

Problem: eDiscovery situation where Legal Counsel needs to carry out searches across our system for certain information relating to a case. How do we prevent giving them access to everything and limit it to the scope of the requirements?

Solution: Use Scoped Searches to set up customised access and allows Legal Counsel (or any other appropriate person) to access the information specific to their search criteria without giving them access to information that is not relevant to their requirements.

Problem: I have a mailbox that is no longer active as the employee has left the organisation, however, the manager of the team they were on needs quick access to the emails in the archive as there is test data contained in it that is critical to an ongoing IT project

Solution: Provide delegated access to the mailbox for the manager so that they can quickly access the required information, while everything is audit trailed for full transparency.


We will continue to keep you informed on new developments with future releases. This is an exciting time for us as we empower our customers to take control of their email and file data. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you wish to have a deeper overview of these new features and how they will add value as an existing investment to the ComplyKEY suite or as a new customer. Likewise, if you have not yet upgraded to ComplyKEY, contact your account manager to discuss an upgrade today.

For more information regarding our MailMeter products or ComplyKey suite, contact our sales team today or check out our free software downloads for our latest products.


Waterford Technologies Launches MailMeter- Version 7.1

Waterford Technologies launched MailMeter Cloud 7.1

Organizations are finding today that meeting regulatory requirements and complying with new and current legislation is a challenge.  Unstructured data like email presents a whole range of hurdles when trying to prevent violations or when responding to discovery requests. 

Unstructured data makes up 80% of storage on your servers.
It is generated by conducting your day to day business and consists of email and files such as documents, images, and videos.
Without the correct management tools, this particular data is difficult and time-consuming to see and uncover,- a key requirement of GDPR, FOIA, and general data regulations.

Waterford Technologies has significantly invested in the development of our product set to provide Compliance functionality for unstructured data in both email and file. We have introduced a powerful smart GDPR, FOIA, and eDiscovery solution reimagined to make it easier for you to effortlessly manage your email data- no matter the size of your company.

Available this July, Waterford Technologies are delighted to announce the launch of MailMeter  7.1, enabling organizations to meet demanding compliance requirements and address eDiscovery requests easily, quickly and effectively.

What has changed?

MailMeter 7.1 is a pro-active Microsoft Azure SAAS cloud and on premise-based compliance and data management platform where you can find every single email in your organization, conduct e-discovery, Freedom of Information and DSAR’s searches directly from your desktop. The platform gives you the ability to narrow the scope of your search across email using clearly defined criteria giving our clients the visibility they need for effective monitoring, eDiscovery, compliance, auditing & reporting across a variety of data regulations. 

  • New Operations Portal, a completely redesigned user interface – individual search, e-Discovery search, compliance policies and message retention under a single interface
  • Real-time message filtering, tagging, and labeling- MailMeter cloud message filtering enables an organization to define proactive pre-archiving rules that can discard, tag or label messages based on message participants, message type or keyword content in the message to control archive content, identify compliance violations and assist message analysis.
  • Scoped searching- MailMeter Cloud enables authorized users to set up restricted access for eDiscovery or compliance searching. Using scoped searches, archive access can be limited to any search criteria, which specific types of tags can be used, and which type of actions can be performed.
  • Compliance policies- this new feature enables organizations to establish policies that automatically monitor and identify non-compliance email communication. Reviews can quickly be performed to take actions based on internal policies to reduce risk and ensure regulatory compliance.
  • Delegated access- The new delegated Access feature enables one user to access and search another users email stored in the archive. This feature can be used to allow a manager to access their current and former team members email. You will no longer have to retain former users mailboxes to enable other users to access that users’ messages. All activity performed by the delegated user is recorded in the audit trail.

Benefits you will love-

  • Legal search cost savings and speed of recovery 
  • Respond to DSAR’s promptly
  • Help avoid data regulation penalties and reputation damage
  • Storage and back up cost savings
  • Direct line access to storage
  • Encryption of stored data
  • Full audit trail for email


MailMeter 7.1 is a key feature in our ComplyKey Suite- ComplyKey Suite is built around two ideas, First, full visibility into your email and file volume and activity enables you to more effectively and efficiently manage your data 24/7. Second, companies need a tool that is data regulation audit-ready, flexible enough to support your GDPR, FOIA and data compliances policies and agile enough to deal with subject access requests (DSAR), freedom of information and e-discovery searches across your email and file data.
For more information on finding the right data compliance and management solution to fit your organizational needs, simply contact us for a callback.



Waterford Technologies GDPR Survey

GDPR Survey 

GDPR legislation will come into full effect on May 25th 2018, enshrining full accountability for personal Data Protection. Processing, retaining and sharing Data which contains personal or personal sensitive information will be subject to stringent new rules and all organisations handling Data will need to be prepared for this. Waterford Technologies conducted a survey on our client base and the wider marketplace during October and November 2017 and some of the findings were surprising, even for our experts who deal with Data Management issues every day. 

Survey Delivery

In October and November 2017, we carried out a survey with a focus on Data Management, Compliance and GDPR.

We polled 2,050 decision makers from our client database and across many industries in Ireland, Europe and the UK in the following roles:

  • IT Directors and Managers
  • Data Protection Officers
  • CIOs
  • Compliance Managers
  • Legal representatives

From the 1,500 responses, we summarised the findings of this survey to spotlight the challenges that organisations experience at the moment in terms of Data Protection and especially GDPR readiness and preparation.

GDPR Compliance

Massive Email “Fail”

Although organisations still conduct the vast majority of business communications through email, a staggering 87% of survey respondents had not made any proper planning provision for dealing with email for GDPR. Either completely overlooking email or wrongly considering it to be within the Structured Data category as opposed to Unstructured Data (which it is), was the biggest single surprise.


Just around half (51%) of our respondents already have a properly developed Data Management plan in motion for GDPR, leaving a very tight timeline for the remainder to get a strategy and begin work on a project to align to the new legislation coming out in May. Responsible people will need to act early and fast in 2018 to get off the blocks.

Personal Data

82% of emails can be classified as containing Personal Data which is subject to GDPR audit and compliance. Worryingly, 52% of survey respondents revealed that there was not a complete awareness of the potential results of non-compliance with GDPR regulations on Personal Data.

Data Management Challenges

Selected Data Management responses from our GDPR Survey

  1. Momentum – Does an Active GDPR Project exist?

  2. Ownership – The GDPR Data Management project will not belong solely to IT decision makers.
    Ownership of GDPR Data Project
  3. Focus – What Data is in your scope for the GDPR project?Data Under Scope
  4. Internal awareness of GDPRInternal GDPR Awareness
  5. The consequences of not complying with GDPRAwareness of Consequences of Non-Compliance

Key Survey Takeaways

  • Overall, there is a large proportion of unreadiness for GDPR across all sizes of organisation with almost half of respondents indicating that a project had not started at the time of the survey. We expect this to change rapidly in the first weeks and months of 2018 as the May deadline approaches.
  • Forgetting that email, the lifeblood of business, is under scope for GDPR will be no excuse if a DSAR (Data Subject Access Request) is received or when a Data breach or compliance audit happens. Make a plan for email now!
  • Ownership of the project to ensure GDPR compliance will involve different functions from across the organisation.
  • Taking accurate “stock” of which Data is in focus for projects and GDPR audits has clearly not been enough of a priority for most survey respondents yet.
  • Understanding what Unstructured Data is and how much of it exists on Email and File servers is critical to making plans to deal with it and achieve compliance.
  • Limiting the amount of Personal Data sitting on the organisation’s servers will greatly decrease the possibility of non-compliance.

Data Project for GDPR Readiness

As we have discussed recently in our blog, the GDPR data project need not be a massive undertaking and our team of Data Management experts stand ready to assist you in your journey to compliance.

Scheduled audits, surprise inspections and post-breach investigations are all on the table and with the sheer level of “noise” around the whole GDPR introduction, it is easy for procrastinators to be confused by the number of options out in the market offering “silver bullets” to deal with it.

Finding where Personal Data is located on servers is a challenge that needs to be addressed immediately before GDPR comes into play and also on an ongoing basis to ensure that Unstructured Data compliance is maintained.

Practical Focus for GDPR Projects 

“GDPR and its potential fines are or are about to be the hot topic of conversation for all EU organisations in the coming weeks and months, with lots of promises and scare mongering, but not much in the way of fact and reality.” says Gary White, CIPP/E, Data Management Consultant with Waterford Technologies.

“GDPR is in reality the enforcement of existing data protection and compliance rules that have been almost completely ignored by organisations for years and which have now been updated and enforced via fines. GDPR will require organisations to look at multiple vendors to provide and comprehensive solution, as the fact remains that no one company can solve all their needs and a lot of companies are spreading fear by focusing on the wrong areas.”

White prefers to look at a practical focus for meeting compliance needs “Waterford Technologies via ComplyKEY focus on one key area, Unstructured Data or the day to day data of all organisations – email and file – to you and me. Accounting for anywhere between 70 and 80% of all data held by organisations, this is simply too critical to ignore, but unfortunately that seems to be the case as more and more organisations look at the Headline items from GDPR such as breach notification or data transfers and not the true daily headaches such as DSAR, analysis, retention and discovery”


About Waterford Technologies 

Waterford Technologies assists thousands of client organisations globally to proactively manage Unstructured Data (email and file) to best practice compliance standards. We enable organisations to make Data decisions based on their facts – bringing Unstructured Data to light and enabling analysis, plans and immediate action on the findings. 

We do not claim to solve all your GDPR headaches but will enable clients to meet requirements for Unstructured Data, which makes up roughly 80% of all business Data. That is a huge tick in the GDPR readiness journey!

We tailor a solution for your GDPR Unstructured Data requirement at a reasonable price point for your organisation, providing the expert advice and the toolset to allow you to achieve GDPR compliance for email and file.

Talk to our experts today

Waterford, Ireland  (January 8, 2018)

SISCIN Local Storage Launch

Waterford Technologies Launch SISCIN Local Storage

Waterford, Ireland, 28th September 2017 – Waterford Technologies, experts and leaders in email and file archiving, today announced the worldwide launch of SISCIN Local Storage, enabling clients to take advantage of Cloud power and scalability without any risk of their data being exposed to the Cloud.

SISCIN Local Storage enables analysis, management and reporting on server storage. Harnessing the scalability and flexibility of Cloud analysis, the client data remains on the Local network at all times, making it ideal for Cloud risk-averse organizations.

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US Sales Director Named Top Midmarket IT Executive

Griffin Tamura Named Top Midmarket IT Executive by The Channel Company and Midsize Enterprise Summit

Griffin Tamura - US Sales Director
Griffin Tamura – US Sales Director

Irvine, CA, September 21, 2017 – Waterford Technologies, one of the world’s leading email archiving and file management companies, today announced that Griffin Tamura has been named to The Channel Company’s Top Midmarket IT Executives list. This annual list honors influential vendor and solution provider executives who have demonstrated an exceptionally strong commitment to the midmarket.

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European Court of Human Rights – Workers Must Be Made Aware of Email Monitoring

ECHR Building - Email Monitoring Case

Why is it important that an employee is made aware of email monitoring?

In light of the recent ECHR (European Court of Human Rights) case that concluded in favour of the employee, responsibility has now been placed with organisations regarding email policies and email monitoring.

“The case of Bărbulescu v. Romania (application no. 61496/08) concerned the decision of a private company to dismiss an employee after monitoring his electronic communications and accessing their contents, and the alleged failure of the domestic courts to protect his right to respect for his private life and correspondence.”

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SISCIN Press Release

Press Release SISCIN

Waterford Technologies announce the launch of SISCIN to shake up the Cloud File Archiving Market.

Waterford, Ireland, Press Release- Waterford Technologies, experts and leaders in email and file archiving, today announced the worldwide release of SISCIN, enabling channel partners and end users to gain competitive advantage from Cloud Adoption, minimise cost and risk while increasing security and vendor independence.

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Office 365™ and US Government do battle

Office 365™

The US Government have been sued by Office 365™ creator, Microsoft for the right to inform their customers when a federal agency is looking at their emails, this follows multiple clashes between the technology industry and the country’s government in Washington DC.

The lawsuit argues that the government is violating the US Constitution by preventing Microsoft from notifying thousands of customers about government requests for their emails and other documents. This lawsuit was filed yesterday (13/4) in a federal court in the Western District of Washington. The Department of Justice has yet to comment on the situation.

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Banish your Redundant Data like St. Patrick Banished Snakes out of Ireland…

 Mark Mulcahy – Waterford Technologies

How much do you really know about the redundant data that’s being stored in your company server?

Well, one thing you should know is that up to 80% of it could be redundant, meaning it’s adding no value to your business operations whatsoever.
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It’s Here! Waterford Technologies Launches New Website!

Waterford Technologies are very excited to announce the launch of our newly designed website which goes live today and is located at  We have streamlined the menus to give you quick access to the items you’re looking for.  Major goals with the new website were to make it faster, easier to navigate and more user friendly.

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