Did Lost Email Lose the Presidency?

Hillary Clinton Gives Testimony on Email

Photo credit C-SPAN.org

Did Lost Email Lose Hillary the Presidency?

By Paul Coyle – Waterford Technologies

While the world reconciles itself to the unexpected outcome of the US presidential election this week, the questions about why this unpredicted upset came about are already flooding our newsfeeds across all media. With overwhelming betting odds on a Clinton victory on the day of the actual election, it was certainly an outcome that almost nobody could foresee across the globe.

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What is eDiscovery & Why Does It Matter?

 What is involved in the eDiscovery Process?

Gary White – Waterford Technologies

E-discovery (electronic discovery) refers to discovery in legal or government investigations which relate to the exchange of information in electronic format. This data is subject to regional and national rules and set internal processes. Legal representatives will then identify the relevant data for legal hold which then needs to be extracted, analysed and exported for review.

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Compliance is Crucial – Have You Got it Covered?

Whether your company is conducting due diligence during merger negotiations or enforcing an SEC-mandated silent period, you must commit to ensuring corporate email compliance with control of your email system. I am constantly talking to clients about the various features of MailMeter and how they can help our clients to ensure corporate email compliance.

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When is Data deemed Personal Data?

Fiona Mulvaney- Waterford Technologies

The Data Protection Commissioner defines Personal Data as: “personal data” means data relating to a living individual who is or can be identified either from the data or from the data in conjunction with other information that is in, or is likely to come into, the possession of the data controller

There is often confusion regarding what constitutes Personal Data, I read a blog recently by Mason Hayes and Curran about a ruling by The Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU)which  helps to clarify further what is deemed to be Personal Data.

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Compliance for Small and Midsize Companies

Gary White- Waterford Technologies

Email is the lifeblood of most companies and organisations, but it can also be their weakest link in regards to Compliance and Security plans. Compliance is often dismissed as only an Enterprise problem, but legislation does not distinguish between large and small companies, in fact it is often the small to mid-sized companies that are at a greater threat, as in most cases they do not have the personnel or expertise available when a Compliance issue raises its head.
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Business Critical Information and e-discovery

Are you prepared for legal e-discovery?

 Gary White- Waterford Technologies

Organisations around the world spend millions every year investing in software and systems to give them a better understanding of their employees, clients, and opportunities to create and maximise potential and also to gain insight and knowledge via automatically generated reporting, with the end goal of protecting themselves against internal and external issues and competitors.

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