What is eDiscovery & Why Does It Matter?

 What is involved in the eDiscovery Process?

Gary White – Waterford Technologies

E-discovery (electronic discovery) refers to discovery in legal or government investigations which relate to the exchange of information in electronic format. This data is subject to regional and national rules and set internal processes. Legal representatives will then identify the relevant data for legal hold which then needs to be extracted, analysed and exported for review.

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Waterford Technologies helps local government reduce email footprint by more than 50%

Managing Growth Without Increasing TCO!

Mark Mulcahy – Waterford Technologies

As you’d expect local government are often dealing with a lot of emails – all of which they have legal requirements to keep but, at the same time, are taking up a great deal of space on their servers. Waterford Technologies’ email and file archiving solutions are perfect for reducing local government’s email footprints.

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Email Archiving Solution

MailMeter is an easy to use and affordable email archiving solution from Waterford Technologies. MailMeter captures and pre-indexes every email in real time to provide a complete, unalterable secure email archive.

We know that different companies have different needs. As such, we offer MailMeter as an on premise solution to support your local or hosted needs. You can also opt for MailMeter as a hybrid model which allows you to keep part of your archive infrastructure locally or as a fully hosted solution.

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