Would you buy compliance software without an after sales service?

We sell Email & File Archiving & Compliance Software but it’s our post sale service that makes us different!

Fiona Mulvaney – Waterford Technologies

We have been talking to customers for over fifteen years about our email and file archiving compliance solutions and we have been listening to IT Managers describing the many challenges they face on a daily basis in managing their email & file data. Challenges such as PST file management issues, performance & reliability issues with email servers, long & costly back-ups, creaking email servers trying to cope with large size attachments, file servers bursting with data, not knowing what type of data is on those servers, feeling blindfolded when putting another request to buy more storage as the comment Finance make is “you only bought more storage six months ago”.Compliance


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Managing the Risks and Costs of Email Archives

The potential benefits of email archiving far outweigh the risks to your business. In this blog post, we discuss just some of the benefits of implementing an email archiving solution and also how you can minimize the risks involved and maximize efficiency.

Benefits of Email Archives

    1. Email archives often make business and IT operations more efficient and cost-effective. Benefits include storage savings through a identification of redundant and obsolete data and more efficient search and retrieval of data.
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    New FOI Act 2014 means more Public Bodies are susceptible to FOI Requests

    President Michael D Higgins signed the new Freedom of Information Act 2014 into law this week, Tuesday 14th October.

    The FOI Act 2014 gives people a right of access to records held by many public bodies including Government Departments, the HSE and Local Authorities.

    The new law extends the scope of FOI legislation to cover limited areas of An Garda Síochana, the Central Bank and refugee agencies, as well as NAMA, the NTMA and the National Pension Reserve Fund.

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    BCC and CC: Do You Use These Email Fields Correctly?

    Sarah Vouga – Waterford Technologies

    Pop quiz time! Do you know the correct usage and etiquette of when to use BCC and when to use CC when sending an email? If not, we recommend you check out our Etiquette of When to CC and BCC blog post for a full explanation. After you have finished, take our pop quiz below and test your knowledge.

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    Compliance for Small and Midsize Companies

    Gary White- Waterford Technologies

    Email is the lifeblood of most companies and organisations, but it can also be their weakest link in regards to Compliance and Security plans. Compliance is often dismissed as only an Enterprise problem, but legislation does not distinguish between large and small companies, in fact it is often the small to mid-sized companies that are at a greater threat, as in most cases they do not have the personnel or expertise available when a Compliance issue raises its head.
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    Business Critical Information and e-discovery

    Are you prepared for legal e-discovery?

     Gary White- Waterford Technologies

    Organisations around the world spend millions every year investing in software and systems to give them a better understanding of their employees, clients, and opportunities to create and maximise potential and also to gain insight and knowledge via automatically generated reporting, with the end goal of protecting themselves against internal and external issues and competitors.

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    A Quick Cheat Sheet for Email Archiving

    The Email Archiving Process

    Sarah Vouga – Waterford Technologies


    The idea of purchasing an email archiving solution may create a bit of a concern for your company, especially if your company doesn’t have any way of easily searching for lost or deleted emails. However, regardless of the solution you choose to utilize, it doesn’t have to be a difficult transition. With a clear objective goal and preparation beforehand, the largest change you will make is the attitude your company takes towards email communication and the embracing of a new, long-term email archiving strategy.
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