Hillary Clinton’s Email Controversy Continues…

FBI Are Now Involved!

Aoife Tóibín – Waterford Technologies

Looks like Hillary Clinton’s problems aren’t going to go away any time soon. The importance of data management should not be underestimated. Clinton has maintained her innocence saying “I did not e-mail any classified material to anyone on my e-mail. There is no classified material,”  “I’m certainly well-aware of the classification requirements and did not send classified material.”

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Email Archiving – Protecting Children

Responsibilities of School Districts

Jessica Bakkers – Waterford Technologies

School districts have many responsibilities. First and foremost, it is their duty to enlighten and educate young minds and shape them into self-Email Archivingsufficient members of society. In order to ensure the future of the children, safety also falls within the high priorities of the school districts.

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Gartners Top 10 Strategic IT Trends For 2015

Mark Mulcahy- Waterford Technologies

We are talking about the biggest trends in IT that are likely to happen in 2015.

  1. Computing Everywhere: With the continued advancement in smart-phone technology, Gartner assesses that an increased emphasis on serving the needs of the mobile user in diverse contexts and environments, as opposed to focusing on devices alone. Gartner posits that smart-phones and wearable devices are part of a broader computing offering to include connected screens in the workplace and in public spaces. User experience design will be of critical importance.
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Managing the Risks and Costs of Email Archives

The potential benefits of email archiving far outweigh the risks to your business. In this blog post, we discuss just some of the benefits of implementing an email archiving solution and also how you can minimize the risks involved and maximize efficiency.

Benefits of Email Archives

    1. Email archives often make business and IT operations more efficient and cost-effective. Benefits include storage savings through a identification of redundant and obsolete data and more efficient search and retrieval of data.
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    BCC and CC: Do You Use These Email Fields Correctly?

    Sarah Vouga – Waterford Technologies

    Pop quiz time! Do you know the correct usage and etiquette of when to use BCC and when to use CC when sending an email? If not, we recommend you check out our Etiquette of When to CC and BCC blog post for a full explanation. After you have finished, take our pop quiz below and test your knowledge.

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    Email Addiction: Are Smartphones to Blame?

    Sarah Vouga- Waterford Technologies

    Smart phones. Phablets. Tablets. Blackberry, Android, Windows, and of course, the iPhone. The wonderful world of technology. Today, majority of people on planet earth, not excluding any continent or country, own a handheld device that will connect them to the internet, to their social media accounts and of course, their email inboxes, both personal and work. It’s amazing to think that even though the first smartphone came out in 1992, that it wasn’t until 2007 when Apple released their first iPhone to the world that the era of addiction to technology fell upon us all.
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