Email Archiving – A room without a roof?

Does your Email Archiving Solution enforce compliance? stimulate storage savings? and speed up e-discovery?

Cillian Sweeney – Waterford Technologies

I was driving back from a meeting with an NHS client recently on a glorious day when the recent hit from Pharrell Williams, Happy, came on the radio. It was while murdering the chorus with my awful yet distinctive singing voice that I started to think back on one of the lines from the song – you all know the one!

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Email Monitoring Software Can Save You Time & Money!

We can help you save time & money WITHOUT taking up your time…

and its not just us telling you, our customers say it also!

Sometimes when customers think about embarking on an Email Archiving Project they envisage it’s going to be weeks of work doing pre project planning, installation, roll out, training etc. and even when the Email Archiving product is deployed how will users react, what will be the ongoing management / administration of the system require etc. There is no doubt some Email Archiving products require a large amount of time, however with MailMeter this is not the case and its not just us saying it, here is what one of our customers has to say.

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Email Analysis – Do You Have The Technology?

So Much Technology, but what does it really Do?

by Jeff Laubhan – Waterford Technologies

More or less apps; what’s better? I started this train of thought a few weeks ago, when a friend of mine showed me how the new iPhone OS implemented a new built-in flash-light, so I didn’t need my 3rd party flash-light app any more. Duh…so much technology that I wasn’t even aware of! Did I read the latest and greatest “what’s new” with the new OS? No. Do most people? I have no idea. Honestly, it made perfect sense to build it in, but I wasn’t searching for it.
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Email & Policy Abuse – Is it Hurting Your Organisation?

Data Loss Through Abuse

Do you have sensitive information leaving the organisation through abuse?  Feel you have no control over it?  Every day organisations are running into legal cases due to not being compliant. However there are solutions out there to help! It can be done quickly, effectively and at nominal cost, while  digital signatures and encryption validate all emails as true and accurate.
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Exchange Email Management – How to Reduce the Burdens

If you are using Microsoft Exchange email servers, this will be especially beneficial to you

Microsoft Exchange licenses limit the size of your active email storage. Companies regularly experience diminished performance when those limits are approached, in the form of increased backup times, more stringent email quotas, and slower transmissions.

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Email Archiving Services

Email Server – Top Priority in Investigations

If you have ever stopped to think about where your company keeps its historical archives, we suggest that you think about that question from the point of view of a legal adversary. One of the first places adversaries or investigators would look would be your email server and archiving media. They would come equipped, no doubt, with powerful tools to dredge up your data from even the dustiest old servers, hard drives and backup tapes.
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