Email Obesity? – Try An Email Archiving Solution!”

Trim Down Your Email Today

Cillian Sweeney – Waterford Technologies

IT personnel work in a digital A&E ward. Time is largely spent reacting & responding to crises of varying levels of seriousness. Priority lists, while they do exist, change constantly usually decided by the “which fire is burning largest” methodology. The volumes of data IT have to manage are now a multiple of that of even 3 years ago. The effort & time required now by IT to manage that data is growing by the week. The type of data IT have to manage has evolved to introduce further complexity to an already overbearing problem.

The growing reason for an Email Archiving Solution:

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Email Retention Management Is In Your Control

Email Retention Management

MailMeter’s Email Retention Management solution is a powerful tool for granular destruction of messages from the MailMeter Archive.  The user interface allows a designated administrator to set destruction time periods, organize users into groups, assign the groups to destruction categories, and set the frequency of destruction – message purge.

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Email Retention Management – What’s Your Policy?

Email Retention Management -The Good, The Bad, The Ugly, and Somewhere in The Middle

Having done this for a long time, I had heard every interesting variation of email retention management policies out there. But today takes the cake for the most convoluted policy.

Typically clients want to fully protect themselves in event of litigation, HR issues, vendor disputes, etc. So, all previous emails are captured, and going forward, a copy of every email is automatically sent to the archive. If someone deletes an email either by accident or on purpose, there is a true and exact copy in the archive.

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Data Retention Management – What it means to you!

MailMeter Data Retention Management

Brian Murphy – Waterford Technologies

Data retention management defines the policies of persistent data and records management for meeting legal and business data archival requirements. An email data retention policy weighs legal and privacy concerns against economics and need-to-know concerns to determine the retention time, archival rules, data formats, and the permissible means of storage, access, and encryption.

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How Important IS PCI-DSS Compliance with Email?

Waterford Technologies Customers Use MailMeter for PCI-DSS Compliance with Email

Fiona Mulvaney – Waterford Technologies

If your organisation electronically holds, transmits or processes credit card information, regardless of how that information was acquired, then it is required by the Payment Card Industry (PCI) to comply with its Data Security Standard (DSS).

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Email Retention Management – The Easy Way!

To PST Or Not To PST

by Jeff Laubhan – Waterford Technologies

In our business we make a lot of phone calls. On this particular day we seemed to be getting told the same thing. “Now really isn’t a good time. I’m rebuilding a PST file and don’t have the time to look for a solution to get rid of them.” I could just hear the exasperation in his voice.

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