Visibility; The Key To Data Management

Data Management – A Growing Problem

Data on file servers grows very quickly unless you have a plan to manage and control it with the right tools.

Symptoms include increased backup times, Backups that just won’t run, Backup timeframes over 24 hours, Backup costs, server performance, server crash, restoration timeframes and management costs, to eventually a complete lack of storage space.

Simply put – it is impossible to manage the problem when you have no visibility and capability to manage it.
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Does File Server Archiving Software Give More Than Just Archiving?

FileArchiver Delivers Much More Than Just File Archiving

Fiona Mulvaney – Waterford Technologies

Traditionally, many people view a file archiving solution as purely a solution that reduces the space on an organization’s file servers. But can file server archiving deliver more than just space savings? Based on our discussions with our customers, our archiving solution FileArchiver is delivering much more than just archiving to their businesses.

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Is Your Data Centre Disaster-Proof?

What if Disaster Strikes?

Mark Mulcahy – Waterford Technologies

As a data centre, your raison d’être is to keep your clients’ data safe and to keep their businesses up and running. But what if disaster strikes?

You might not think that the UK is rife with freakish natural disasters – there’s certainly not usually anything on the scale of, say, Hurricane Sandy taking out Datagram and sending the Huffington Post, Gawker, Gizmodo and Buzzfeed websites offline – but according to research commissioned by Zenium Technology Partners in 2015, 45% of UK data centres have suffered a natural disaster.

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Offering a Total Data Centre Solution with File Archiving

Revenue Boost For Data Centres

Mark Mulcahy – Waterford Technologies

Data centres looking to add value to their proposition and boost recurring revenue streams should be looking to file archiving as a solution. Not only does it allow you to be more intelligent with how you store data, but also lets you offer a more tailored service to your customers, ensuring they get the storage solution that’s right for them.

Waterford Technologies provides market leading file archiving and file analysing software which gives the biggest margin opportunities for data service providers and resellers.

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Gartners Top 10 Strategic IT Trends For 2015

Mark Mulcahy- Waterford Technologies

We are talking about the biggest trends in IT that are likely to happen in 2015.

  1. Computing Everywhere: With the continued advancement in smart-phone technology, Gartner assesses that an increased emphasis on serving the needs of the mobile user in diverse contexts and environments, as opposed to focusing on devices alone. Gartner posits that smart-phones and wearable devices are part of a broader computing offering to include connected screens in the workplace and in public spaces. User experience design will be of critical importance.
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Who should be looking at and considering email & file archiving?

File archiving is a valuable tool for any organisation that needs to free up storage capacity – moving unused data off of active storage systems.

Gary White- Waterford Technologies

For example, you may not know if you’ll need a piece of data in five years or from five years ago, but you know cannot delete it either, so you place the data into a long-term storage system where it’s accessible if needed. That long-term storage is the archive. Design documents, software builds and images are just a few of the data types that are often relegated to archives.

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The Top 10 Trends in Managing Email & File Data, a Look Back at 2014

I thought it might be interesting to summarise the top 10 trends in managing data, both Email and File based our observations from the market and based on our actual work & interaction with our customers in 2014.

Fiona Mulvaney- Waterford Technologies

Our customers are spread across all verticals & sectors and geographies from a legal firm in Cork to a leading global provider of elevators, escalators and related services based in India.

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Would You Keep Your Old Clothes in a Bank Vault?

It might seem like an odd question, but there is an equivalent in the world of IT.

Peter Sweeney- Waterford Technologies

You probably wouldn’t do this as the cost hugely outweighs the value of the items concerned.   Most people, if they were honest, would have to say that their wardrobes are full of stuff that they are never going to wear again but just can’t get around to sending the clothes to recycling or the charity shop.  There is always an element of “what if I need it one day”, nagging away at the back of their minds.

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