Why MailMeter?

An email archive that enforces compliance, stimulates storage savings, and speeds up e-discovery

A better question might be why archive?  Think about what email provides your organization.  It provides the key communication platform between your employees, your customers, and your suppliers.  Today, what happens in email, stays in email, until someone deletes it, and once someone deletes it, it is nearly impossible to recover that information unless you are proactively archiving your email.

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File Server Archiving Solution

Create 80% of Storage Space with File Server Archiving

You may only think about your file server storage when your backups start having issues, or you run out of storage space altogether. When this begins to happen you might want to free up space by archiving selected files. This is when file management becomes the most important. You need to keep your files safe, organised and archived for easy access.

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Email Archiving Solution

MailMeter is an easy to use and affordable email archiving solution from Waterford Technologies. MailMeter captures and pre-indexes every email in real time to provide a complete, unalterable secure email archive.

We know that different companies have different needs. As such, we offer MailMeter as an on premise solution to support your local or hosted needs. You can also opt for MailMeter as a hybrid model which allows you to keep part of your archive infrastructure locally or as a fully hosted solution.

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Managing Data: Your Data Strategy

Waterford Technologies: Making Your Data Strategy Manageable

Identifying and creating a data strategy for your company can be daunting. When dealing with big data it can feel overwhelming as to how to approach it. We’re expert data strategists that can help you to make your data manageable again. Through our products you’ll be able to identify your data issues and then implement a plan that is easily managed and professionally handled by our team. We’ll help you through staging and storing your files as well as integrating and moving it.  We’re the complete package and the first choice for many companies.
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Email Storage Solutions for Your Business

For many companies email storage is a serious issue. Thousands of emails are sent around a company, whether that be to clients or internally, and those emails take up valuable space on your server. Waterford Technologies have created MailMeter to help you resolve your email storage issues.

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