Meet Your Data Centre’s Green Ambitions

Reducing the carbon footprint

Mark Mulcahy – Waterford Technologies

One of the biggest challenges a data centre can face is meeting corporate and government environmental targets. The very nature of data centres – large servers constantly running and requiring cooling – means that energy is always being used, meaning all that storage can have a very large carbon footprint. With companies increasingly concerned about the environmental impact of their business, green targets can be a key influencer when choosing a data centre partner.

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Is Your Data Centre Disaster-Proof?

What if Disaster Strikes?

Mark Mulcahy – Waterford Technologies

As a data centre, your raison d’être is to keep your clients’ data safe and to keep their businesses up and running. But what if disaster strikes?

You might not think that the UK is rife with freakish natural disasters – there’s certainly not usually anything on the scale of, say, Hurricane Sandy taking out Datagram and sending the Huffington Post, Gawker, Gizmodo and Buzzfeed websites offline – but according to research commissioned by Zenium Technology Partners in 2015, 45% of UK data centres have suffered a natural disaster.

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The Mistake of Buying More Storage Hardware

Managing File Server Storage Growth 

Managers are challenged in implementing cost effective ways to handle the explosive growth of storage requirements. Organizations have to consider the reality and value of their data when assessing hardware and software solutions to address their expanding needs. The typical response of adding expensive disk options is not a wise business or career hardware

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File Archiving – From Photographers to IT Managers

Your holiday photos are part of big data.

Peter Sweeney – Waterford Technologies

Many years ago when I was young, I spent hours annoying my mother with sinks full of chemicals trying to keep them around 40 degrees to process my colour slide films. The bathroom shower rail was a hanger for numerous strips of drying film.  I had a couple of cameras and a range of lenses and as a hobby it was all consuming.  I carried my Nikon F2 around absolutely everywhere like a battered war correspondent.File Archiving

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Who should be looking at and considering email & file archiving?

File archiving is a valuable tool for any organisation that needs to free up storage capacity – moving unused data off of active storage systems.

Gary White- Waterford Technologies

For example, you may not know if you’ll need a piece of data in five years or from five years ago, but you know cannot delete it either, so you place the data into a long-term storage system where it’s accessible if needed. That long-term storage is the archive. Design documents, software builds and images are just a few of the data types that are often relegated to archives.

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Would You Keep Your Old Clothes in a Bank Vault?

It might seem like an odd question, but there is an equivalent in the world of IT.

Peter Sweeney- Waterford Technologies

You probably wouldn’t do this as the cost hugely outweighs the value of the items concerned.   Most people, if they were honest, would have to say that their wardrobes are full of stuff that they are never going to wear again but just can’t get around to sending the clothes to recycling or the charity shop.  There is always an element of “what if I need it one day”, nagging away at the back of their minds.

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Council Mergers in UK- Merging Data

 Mark Mulcahy- Waterford Technologies

I mentioned about 9 months ago that we had embarked on a project to help certain councils in the UK that were merging with their email and file data.

What I found interesting as we worked through the various project meetings with these new expanded councils was the multitude of different issues that arose out of managing this data and what the difference priorities were;

Below are the most common issues they had and where the turned to us to help manage these issues;
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Are you Ready for the Rapidly Approaching Windows 2003 Server End of Life?

It is estimated that there are 12 million physical servers worldwide still running Windows server 2003.

Fiona Mulvaney- Waterford Technologies

Microsoft has announced that the end of life (EOL) for Windows server 2003 is 14th July 2015. After this date you can no longer have support, security, upgrades etc. The loss of this server means that your business and applications could be at serious risk.
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