The Cell Phone Revolution and its Impact on Email

Sarah Vouga- Waterford Technologies


Two weeks ago, shortly after learning of Robin William’s tragic passing, my son, husband and I decided to watch Hook, a wonderful remake of Peter Pan. Within the first 5 minutes of the movie, Robin William’s character was on one of those huge, old mobile devices, cowering in his seat during his daughter’s play, with work on the other end of the call. It was humorous to me to see the stark difference of reaction to Robin William’s character taking that call -from 1991 when the movie came out- to today, where it isn’t even given a second thought to see a parent get up in the middle of something to field a phone call or respond to whatever it was that made their cell phone go off, be it a text, email, etc.

In February of 2013, comScore estimated that 133.7 million people owned smartphones, up 8% from 2012 and representing 57% of the entire mobile phone market. In January of this year, it was projected that 1.76 billion people would be using a smartphone. So what exactly does that mean in terms of email?

  • As of April 2014, it was estimated by Litmus that 78% of smartphone users checked their email, both work and personal, on their phones regularly, with 54% of them checking their email right before they go to bed and 49% checking their email immediately after waking up.
  • Currently, the top email clients (collected from 755 million email opens) as of July are: Apple iPhone (26%)
  1. Gmail (13%) email
  2. Outlook (13%)
  3. Apple iPad (13%)
  4. Apple Mail (8%)
  5. Google Android (5%)
  6. (5%)
  7. Yahoo! Mail (5%)
  8. Windows Live Mail (2%)
  9. Thunderbird (1%)




Overlooking the obvious impact this has on email marketing, what is the take-away for businesses in general when it comes to their company email? If one of your employees accidentally deleted an email, would they be able to quickly retrieve it without needing a computer upon them realizing they need it?

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