Cloud Storage for Your Email

Implementing the use of cloud storage allows businesses, both small and large, to create a smarter and more effective infrastructure. It allows you to be more responsive to the needs of your business and less dependent on their ability to deliver IT. Cloud services are one of the rising choices for email storage.

One of the things that cloud storage does best is host email solutions as a service. It is paid for as a used and managed contractual service level agreement. It is simple, easy and straightforward to use – it manages your data against your personal business needs.

Whilst hosting your email solutions on the cloud is a good option, using the cloud for email archiving can be problematic. The solution to this is to implement an email archiving solution such as MailMeter alongside your cloud services.

MailMeter and Cloud Services: A Combined Solution

For MailMeter, cloud email services are just another source of email for our on premise archiving solution.  By keeping your archive in house, you control who sees your data, manage the performance of long search and export functions, and limit your costs.

Advantages of an on premise archive include:

  • Support for multiple hosted email solutions including Hosted Exchange and Office 365, among others.
  • Maintaining a local archive means that your email is always accessible even during a service outage.
  • A local archive eases the transition from onsite email to cloud\hosted email or from one email provider to another.
  • Existing MailMeter customers can migrate to a cloud email service while maintaining consistent naming and access to the archive.
  • Importing your history and PSTs to a local archive prior to migrating your email to the Cloud can greatly reduce your migration project costs.
  • Multiple searches are responsive, multiple exports are not dependent on network bandwidth and associated charges.

See our announcement of Office365 support.

Try MailMeter with Cloud Today

MailMeter can use any URL based cloud storage service or NAS/iSCSI cloud storage gateway as an archive volume target. MailMeter has the ability to tier-manage archive volumes. It makes Cloud Storage cost effective and efficient. Thanks to MailMeter’s high performance pre-indexed search you only need to recall from the cloud when you need to export data.

If you intend to migrate to a hosted email solution or are interested in learning more about how the cloud can play a role in your overall storage management strategy, contact us today to find out how we can meet your requirements.