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Coming Soon- MailMeter’s latest feature release- 7.3

Simpler, Cleaner, and Easier to use User-Interface

New Features and Enhancements- Coming Soon

Waterford Technologies are excited to share some of our latest MailMeter 7.3 features and enhancements coming soon, also available as part of our ComplyKey Suite.

When building the requirements for MailMeter 7.3 we listened to the many comments and suggestions for new enhancements and have delivered a simpler, cleaner, and easier to use user interface and even more features for MailMeter 7.3.

Launching in January, MailMeter’s latest Feature Release 7.3 includes new enhancements to data management and protection that can help cut cloud costs, facilitate deployment and migration of cloud-based workloads, and simplify data management for organisations.

What is coming early 2022?

  • Improved MailMeter Message Collection Performance
    • Message Processing re-architected to increase performance by over 5X.  
    • Eliminated all legacy 32bit code and re-written using .NET to improve reliability and eliminate security vulnerabilies
    • MAPI Journal and History Capture no longer supported for on-premises Exchange and will require either EWS or SMTP Journaling.

  • Enhance advanced search to allow correspondent matches to be shown and chosen.
    • Updated the Search feature so that when using Advanced Search and a user enters an email address, they can click the “Matches” message and see all of the uses who matched that address.  The dialog should show the username, user alias, the SMTP Address in correspondent details and the CID for all matches.  Clicking the CID should show a list of all of the email addresses assigned to that user from CorrespondentLookupDetails.  Allows the user to remove users from the “Matches” list as well.

  • My MailMeter users will only see correspondents that they have participated with. 
    • This ensures that searches will always generate results.

  • Added Ability to import Labels from delimited files

  • Added ability to set password requirements for native MailMeter authentication

  • Added ability to set Default Search Type for My MailMeter and Investigate

  • Added Support for Exchange/O365 Hybrid configuration for MailMeter Cloud
    • Configurations where a mixture of on-premises and cloud mailboxes are now supported

  • Added ability to Archive to Blob Storage
    • Initially supported by MailMeter Cloud Only!

  • Updated Office 365 Credentials
    • No more stored user credentials. 
    • Using certificate authentication 
    • Customers will create an app registration in Azure AD and setup a certificate to be used for authentication.

  • Improved Google address book collection
    • P12 file no longer stored on disk. The certificate must be imported into certmgr (double-clicking the. p12 file will cause Windows to ask to import the certificate).
    • Settings for credentials for accessing google address book have been removed from the Portal. These must be set in the Configuration Wizard.

  • New Installer built with Advanced Installer
    • Eliminated all Legacy applications from the installer.  Previous versions of the standalone Administration, ISR, Investigate, Compliance Review and Retention Manager have been removed and are no longer supported.
    • Installs pre-requisite Microsoft software such as .NET Framework and .NET Core

  • New Configuration Wizard
    • Supports configuration for EWS, Office 365 and Gmail

  • Accessibility Improvements have been made to the Portal User Interface. 

  • Create a special URL for My MailMeter only access

  • Some Sample words lists are included in the installer. 
    • They can be found in Assets\WordLists 

  • Data created by the applications is stored outside of the application directory. 
    • PST exports 
    • Dispatcher files 

We will continue to keep you informed on new features and enhancements with future releases. This is an exciting time for us as we empower our customers to take control of their email and file data. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you wish to have a deeper overview of these new features and how they will add value as an existing investment to the ComplyKEY suite or as a new customer. Likewise, if you have not yet upgraded to ComplyKEY, contact your account manager to discuss an upgrade today.

Bob Ralston

Director of Product Management