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Company Breakups – How our Email Archiving Solution helps

Mark Mulcahy – Waterford Technologies An Email Archiving solution takes the pain out of a company break up. I met with one

Mark Mulcahy – Waterford Technologies

An Email Archiving solution takes the pain out of a company break up.

I met with one of our clients last month who contacted me to see if we could chat about the company breakup.

Thought it was interesting what we did so I said I’d share it with you.

The Company was splitting into 3 separate entities.

They had to figure out how to separate their email into 3 new email archiving systems

They had to separate their data into 3 new file locations.

Problems on Email Side:

  1. How to manage the cost , complexity and time to identify and migrate large amounts of email data into 3 separate new Exchange servers ( 1 going with 0365, the other 2 still being on premise )
  2. How would they architecture Exchange in relation to legacy data
  3. How would they manage the privacy issues around data that was within one company now being located in 3 separate entities
  4. How to reduce the time taken for migration
  5. How to take advantage of the opportunity to “manage data right” going forward


  1. MailMeter was used to be the repository of all email correspondence up to point of separation. Each organisation started with empty mailboxes and used the MailMeter ISR tool for end user retrieval of legacy data.
  2. Exchange was deployed as 3 new instances with journaling configured to 3 MailMeter installations, Legacy access to old data was given to each user.
  3. All historical email was linked to the appropriate individual and mapped so that a user from the old organisation and the new organisation was seen as continuous. This gave end users full search capabilities to their old identities and new identities within exchange
  4. Zero migration time needed as MailMeter was the repository for the old organisations data while still recording every email transaction for the 3 new entities with the appropriate levels of security built in to take recognition of the new organisational structure.
  5. With no emails migrating to the new organisation and the journaling of all future emails being recorded by MailMeter in Tier 2 storage we got plan the Exchange server as our Tier 1 storage location. Any email older than 12 months would then have its attachment stripped into the MailMeter archive location.  Very simply, we had architectured all emails less than 12 months to be in Tier 1 storage and anything older than 12 months to be in Tier 2 storage.

Check out our website for more information on our email archiving solution or contact me directly if you want to discuss how we can help you with a similar problem.

In my next blog I’ll take you through the file side of this client and show you how we helped them with that.

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