Compliance and E-discovery: How Waterford Technologies helped Sydney Swans take flight


Protecting the Sports Industry from Controversy 

Mark Mulcahy – Waterford Technologies

If 2015 has proved anything, it’s that sadly scandal, corruption and bullying continue to affect sports administration across the world. From FIFA to the IOC, officials have become increasingly embroiled in controversy as they commission lengthy and costly reports with the aim of proactively addressing their growing problems.

As a result many professional sports teams are quickly coming to terms with the fact that in order to head off such issues they need to start thinking about email archiving solutions.

Case Study

Back in 2006, Australian-Rules football club, Sydney Swans realised they had a big problem when it came to retaining their emails. Those running the club came to the conclusion they had the potential to one day be involved in a high profile legal action and with their old email system in place they had no structured archiving in place.

Added problems came in the form of the potential for information about the team being leaked and the fact that due to the AFL’s strict salary cap regulations the club could be investigated and audited at any time.

The Solution

Waterford Technologies MailMeter was implemented and immediately gave Sydney Swans a way to retain their old emails and better manage their email server at the same time. A copy of all of the existing emails on their Exchange server was indexed into an archive, and journaling was set up to capture every future email that went through their organization, in real-time. End-users were informed that they could now delete all their emails if they desired because they would always be able to recall copies of old emails from the archive.

The Result

Setting up an email archive allowed Sydney Swans to be able to easily locate old emails very quickly. End-users ended up keeping smaller mailboxes while others decided to “trash” everything in their mailbox, because they knew they could always go back and search for anything they needed.

“We see our archive as a repository of knowledge,” said Mitchell Miller, Head IT Manager at Sydney Swans, “and searching in the new version is 100 times faster!”

If you work for a sports club or administrative body, don’t hang around waiting for fines or the threat of prosecution to start thinking about email archiving solutions.

MailMeter is a secure and reliable email archiving solution. With MailMeter, you can reduce your email data by 80%, eliminate PSTs forever, provide detailed analysis and drill-down reporting, become legally compliant and recover deleted email instantly.