Compliance is Crucial – Have You Got it Covered?

Whether your company is conducting due diligence during merger negotiations or enforcing an SEC-mandated silent period, you must commit to ensuring corporate email compliance with control of your email system. I am constantly talking to clients about the various features of MailMeter and how they can help our clients to ensure corporate email compliance.

Whether it is the reporting module for trend analysis and data mining, end user retrieval of deleted emails, reduction in email storage size and backups and of course our e-discovery module for compliance and risk mitigation, it’s nice to explain to clients the usefulness of MailMeter in a practical way.

How MailMeter Can Help Your Business

Recently, I visited a corporate bank in London to see how things were going and to do a review of the year’s interactions with us. The client was very happy with the ease of use for their end users of the retrieval toolset. But what they were really excited about was an incident that had occurred in the previous 6 months.

One of their large clients was unhappy with a transaction that had occurred and was threatening to take the bank to the PRA. The figures talked about were in the region of £10 million. With the use of MailMeter, our client was able to:

  • Confirm and prove instructions were received from the client
  • Confirm and prove the response was agreed by the client
  • Confirm and prove the transaction was carried out as per instruction
  • Independently verify the integrity of the information retrieval via our “digital signature”

In this case, the threat was dealt with before it even got off the ground and all for less than 0.05% per year of the total potential claim.

Meet All Your Compliance Needs with MailMeter

Companies with specialised needs in the area of monitoring corporate email compliance can benefit from our MailMeter Insight module. With MailMeter Insight, you get powerful, detailed email analysis reports that enable you to identify suspicious content or inappropriate emails.

You can also customize any report within MailMeter Insight and track problems back to the department or individual where they originated. In too many companies, the concept of “acceptable email use” is a vague notion that gets a wink or a puzzled look from managers and employees alike.

MailMeter Insight gives your managers the information they need to adopt strong policies on acceptable email usage and the tools they need to enforce those policies. MailMeter installation takes less than a single business day. The first time you run the MailMeter Insight reports, you will be amazed at what is going on in your email system.