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Compliance for Small and Midsize Companies

Gary White- Waterford Technologies Email is the lifeblood of most companies and organisations, but it can also be their weakest link in

Gary White- Waterford Technologies

Email is the lifeblood of most companies and organisations, but it can also be their weakest link in regards to Compliance and Security plans. Compliance is often dismissed as only an Enterprise problem, but legislation does not distinguish between large and small companies, in fact it is often the small to mid-sized companies that are at a greater threat, as in most cases they do not have the personnel or expertise available when a Compliance issue raises its head.

When considering how to address compliance, small and midsize companies face some significant challenges but especially in regards to;

  1. Legislation and regulations don’t recognise the size of a company, they are subject to the same requirements as those that are seen as “Enterprise” companies. Compliance is based around protection, processing, storing and delivering sensitive data, not how many staff a company has.
  2. Typically a small to midsize company doesn’t have the necessary HR in place to manage the complex tangle and web of legislations or regulations or the steps necessary to improve the compliance situation.

What should I do ?compliance

Some industries are highly regulated and as such will have specific drives and needs to be addressed, but all industries or sectors will have data Retention policies or requirements. Email plays a significant and major role in this, just think of your own business inbox, it is packed full of business critical information, such as client data, contracts, pricing, HR info etc. Whatever way you look at, Email is the standard for sharing and receiving sensitive and critical business information on a daily basis, in fact it is quite possibly the biggest risk to ALL companies from a Compliance or eDiscovery perspective. Email Retention can be difficult and can often become a huge drain on resources for any company as we discussed above, without a comprehensive system in place companies will usually come up against these problems when it’s too late, which in turn can result in huge financial and internal resource costs.

So how does a small to midsize company address these issue in an economical, easy to manage, easy to implement way ? Email Archiving. Now not all Email Archiving systems are equal, just as not all companies are equal, but they need to look addressing several challenges at once whilst remembering the all-important cost and flexibility to not only meet their demands now but also for the future.

A company needs to Protect itself against Compliance and eDiscovery issues whilst being realistic enough to recognise their own internal resource limitations. It needs to look at cost savings for the now and for the future, by Archiving and setting specific automated Retention policies a company can save themselves a fortune in Storage today whilst also protecting against future growth. All of this needs to be achieved without putting further strain on already maxed out resources and without proper internal guidelines ?

Go to a specialist provider who can manage your needs effortlessly and has the years of experience to recognise the constraints you are under, but who also has the flexibility to customise your financial needs whether is CAPEX, OPEX, Term Subscription. But also the flexibility and experience to manage your resource needs be they On-Premise, Hybrid or Cloud solution, to FIT what you want now and for the future and not what they TELL you fits your problems.

You’ve got the same issues, problems and regulations as Enterprise sized organisations but without the budget or resources. Get a solution that can PROTECT against compliance, eDiscovery. SAVE time, resources, back-ups, money. CREATE guidelines and safety-nets for retention, FOI, legal. FLEXIBILITY for your company your way, both from financial point of view through to implementation.

If you would like to know about the solutions that we could offer you please contact us today.